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Luke Mainwaring - Evolving Musical Maturity

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 18, 2018 4:00:00 PM

lukeOn a frequent basis I am awed by emerging talent that students have kept hidden away from our daily routine. Luke Mainwaring plays the drums in my Grade 8 Fine Arts ensemble class, and he does a fine job of doing so; however, just the other day he sat down at the piano and played a terrific piece of music. As I listened, I realized that I had never heard this piece before, or anything resembling it, for that matter. Now, I don't profess to have heard all music in existence, but in my thirty-eight years of teaching music, it is my experience that most student musicians play the 'classic' familiar pieces. I've heard them time and time again. This is a rare and exciting exception.  I'll let Luke explain:

“My name is Luke Mainwaring. I am in Grade 8 and like to compose my own music either on a piano, a computer or for a band. When I compose I find a very unique chord pattern and a catchy main melody. From there on I can hear the whole piece from beginning to end. From there I fill in the rest with other melodies that link well with the rest of the song and mood. To finish up I put in sound effects, equalize the percussion and make sure the bass is just right. Sometimes when I listen to a song most of it may be really good but parts are not. When I compose I can mold the whole thing to match my tastes of music perfectly. I have been composing since I was five years old. When I was seven I entered my first composition in The Annapolis Valley Music Festival. I continue to compose my music and am still always excited every time I finish a composition.”

Click here to enjoy this amazing composition.

If you are a dancer, a singer, a musician, an actor, and/or an artist, then King’s-Edgehill School is the place for you.
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