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Meet Obe Amos (1996-1998): Builder

Posted by Heather Strickey on Jun 12, 2018, 2:24:03 PM

Obe Amos.pngObe Amos came to King's-Edgehill School part-way through his Grade Eleven year with his twin, Logan, and they graduated in 1998. Obe is an honest kind of guy and revealed that he knew that "school really wasn't my thing." So, upon graduating, he took off for Australia. The plan was to stay for a while; however, his mom was ill and Obe returned eight months after leaving Nova Scotia. Upon his homecoming, Obe went into house construction and eventually found himself buying a home, renovating it and then selling it. Little did he know that this dabbling in renovation would become his focus in the future.

Obe was lured back to the South Shore where he grew up when Obe joined his father, Jeff, and they took over what is now Amos Wood in 2008. "Since 1976, Jeff has been a one-of-a-kind furniture maker, house designer/builder, and commercial retail designer/builder. Obe was brought up in his father's shop and ingested enough wood that it is in his bones. " He definitely has been steeped in what it takes to make beautiful things with wood and has been very busy outside of his career with Amos Wood.

Obe married Michelle, and they have been very busy raising Noah who is 10 and Anabelle who is 8. In fact, when I touched base with Obe in July, we were "facetiming" across countries. He was in New York, supposedly on vacation with his family; however, he was also installing a backsplash in the home where they were staying. Even when he's on vacation, Obe is following his passion of making things more beautiful. I asked Obe two of my famous questions. The first was what do you see in your future? His response was that he sees himself moving into the real estate industry while still working on renovating homes and working with wood. And, second, I asked if he had any advice for our KES students. I taught Obe my first year as a teacher so I was obviously impressed with his answer considering he could be a bit of a "smart aleck" when I taught him. His advice was "Don't fight it. High School is such a short time in your life, work with it and enjoy it. No one is out to get you. Make the most of your time at KES, it will be over quickly." Wise words from this worker in wood.

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