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Headmasters Weekly Newsletter -- Week 10

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Nov 10, 2018 9:04:52 AM

Dear KES Family:

There is a glorious scene in Tom Hanks’ film Castaway when, after having crashed and stranded on a desert island, he is able to get a fire started. He jumps up, arms raised, and shouts, “I have made fire!” His triumphant shout demonstrates the relief and power he felt. The fire represents life and warmth and light in the darkness. “Making fire” is empowering. It feels good.

I saw that same joy this week when watching our students learning how to make fire using flint and steel. It is a survival skill taught in cadets by one of our Science teachers, Eric Kershaw. In a safe clearing in the School woods, he showed students how to gather tinder, birch bark, dry twigs and larger sticks. He showed them how to start with the smallest of fuel at the bottom and how to feed a flame from the top with larger sticks once the fire started. He showed them the balance of air, fuel and heat that are necessary to keep a flame going and growing. Hearing him and Alex Arki (Class of 2019) discuss the physical principles of radiant heat versus convection, how heat rises and creates its own internal current, was a perfect example of practical learning.

When a spark flies off the flint and steel and creates a small flame, there is an instant ‘Tom Hanks’ moment of elation. Losing the flame is almost sad. Not being able to create one in the first place is unbearably frustrating. Few things are worse than striking and striking and seeing the sparks fly but nevertheless producing nothing. There is technique involved, of course, but somehow the students who were able to master it seemed endowed with a magical ability.

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Haunted House

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 9, 2018 5:11:34 PM

With over 200 years of history, King’s-Edgehill School has plenty of spooky tales, from shadows walking through the dorms at night to spooky spirits haunting the library. On October 29th, our KES Prefects decided to add their own addition to those tales by constructing a haunted hospital in the basement of the athletic center.

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Junior School “Halloween House Competition”

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 9, 2018 7:00:00 AM

Tuesday, October 30 th, was anything but a usual day on campus. In fact, it was a “dress-up” day instead of the more conventional “dress-down” day, and the theme was Halloween! The fun began first thing in the morning as witches, ghosts, prison inmates, giraffes, a Sumo wrestler and even a Tyrannosaurus Rex made their way to first class. It was our annual Junior School Halloween spooktacular and, after  a uniquely productive day in the classroom, all students gathered in the Athletic Centre for the “Annual Halloween House Competition”. The parade of costumes was impressive but  Athena Cox, Emily Mei, Qiaoman Tracey  and   Gabby Shaw  caught the attention of the judges, earning first place, dressed as characters from   Alice in Wonderland.   Freek Schep, Emma Schofield  and   Constanza Rubin de Celis Tirado  almost shattered the glass in the entranceway with shrill sounds as they competed in the best scream contest, earning first, second and third place respectively. Laughter echoed throughout the gymnasium as students performed their best death scene; but  Adrian Tse  was victorious earning first place, with   Emily Norton and Taylor Cole  as the “Tinkerbell Team” finishing second and   Emily Mei and  Sabine Wellard, third. The most maniacal laugh contest was won by   Jenny Zhang, with   Papa Ofori  finishing a close second. The fun continued with organized games including a photo scavenger hunt and a pumpkin carving competition that was won by   Ben Roddis, with the team of   Mitchell Larkin, Kaz Schnitzer and  Harrison Yale-Klein  finishing second. Grades 7 and 8 students submitted drawings for the Annual Halloween Art Competition and, though there were many impressive entries, the Grade 11 IB Art students awarded first place to   Greyson Corbett-Lumb, second place to   Sidney Schwartz, third place to   Jessica Ugwoke  and honourable mention to   Papa Ofori. At the end of the day, everyone agreed that it was a Halloween party that we would all remember.   Special thanks go to the Grade 9 leadership students who helped with the events, and to   Taylor Cole, Emily Norton and  Gabby Strickey  for creating Halloween treat bags for every student who took part in the day’s events.
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KES Costumes and Candy on Halloween Night

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 8, 2018 9:19:00 PM

We really love getting into the spirit of Halloween at KES! This week was packed with fun and festive celebrations, including a Prefect orchestrated haunted house, a costume dress up and dance day, scary movies, pumpkin carving and more. If this was not enough, we then had many students take part in the traditional Halloween night, complete with trick or treating, costumes, and walking house to house to collect treats on campus and in the town of Windsor.

Nine of the residences on campus, including the homes of our Heads of Residence, Director of Admissions, Houseparents, and Headmaster, were giving out a variety of treats. A group of over thirty junior students also ventured off campus to local homes, and many of these students had created completely new costumes on their own for the evening’s festivities! It was a perfect Halloween night; mild weather, dark skies, and just the right amount of creepiness in the air! A huge thank you to our in house trick-or-treat chaperone,  Federico Cisneros , who has been taking KES students out to experience this tradition for many years.

Our hometown is the perfect location for International students to go to school. The town of Windsor is English speaking and our students will be speaking English as he or she interacts with the local community. It is a safe community that is alive with many recreation activities for all seasons. Download our Photojournal to learn more about the town we call home.
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Girls Hockey Find Success in Vermont

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 8, 2018 5:10:33 PM

The Girls’ Prep Hockey team headed to Burlington, Vermont for our first international exhibition play over the weekend of October 18-22. We played teams from Ontario, New York and Vermont and we found great success finishing SECOND after our fellow NAPHA league members, Rice School.

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From Choreography to "Stone Cold" in a Heart Beat

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM

As you may be aware, King's-Edgehill School thespians, musicians, and dancers are gearing up for one of the first non-equity productions of  Mamma Mia here at our School from November 22ndto 24th  (mark your calendar!). Grade 10 student,  Sarah Bell , and Grade 11 student,  Katie Goddard , are both instrumental in choreographing some of the numbers in the show. While waiting for the troupe to work out their steps of  Waterloo  during the last rehearsal, I heard the two girls harmonizing a different tune that is not a song in the show. Their voices blended beautifully on this song that I had not heard before. I approached them and asked if they would let me feature them in our weekly Newsletter and they immediately smiled and said yes. Katie announced that she would learn a piano accompaniment for the next day. What this clip reveals is a first rehearsal of the piece. While I was getting the camera ready, the girls attempted Demi Lovato's,  Stone Cold , with Katie playing the piano. They discussed the harmonies and a chord change; then, I turned the camera on them. None of the weekly videos I release for our Newsletter are engineered or edited. This is a fun example of an 'almost perfect' first attempt, with a reaction at the end that will entertain you nearly as much as their performance.  Click here to watch their performance. 

Learn about our Fine Arts curriculum from Grade 6 to IB Art as well as countless extra curricular opportunities to express your artistic passions.
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Please Support Pink in the Rink

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 6, 2018 7:07:57 PM

This weekend our Girls Prep Hockey team is hosting their first ever   PINK IN THE RINK  game and would love your support! Come out and cheer on our girls as we take on   Rothesay Netherwood School on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd at 5:00 pm at the Newport & District arena  in Brooklyn, NS! You can donate by supporting our bake sale and chuck a puck, and there will be prizes and more!
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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 9

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Nov 3, 2018 9:56:58 AM

Dear KES Family:

I think it is the Holiday Inn which has the marketing tag line: The best surprise is no surprise. When it is a good surprise though (like a chocolate on your pillow) one’s heart cannot help but do a little happy dance. The last week has been full of happy surprises.

Inspired by Linus Mulherin and hosted by the Prefects and Mr. MacLean, Monday night’s Haunted House in the Athletic Centre was sensational. Imagine yourself being greeted by a psychiatric nurse (Joanna Bond) and being led through a tour of an asylum by a team of schizophrenic orderlies and lunatic inmates in the dark recesses and underbelly of the Athletic Centre. One change room had been transformed into an operating theatre. Between flashes of strobe lighting one was assaulted by the screams of the poor patient (Rayannah Hwang) and the hideous cackles of her surgeons. My spine shivers with the memories.

I should never be surprised again by the thought and effort our food services put into the feasts we enjoy, but Tuesday’s Halloween spread quite literally ‘takes the cake’. I took photos to share with you which you can see below. How much fun it is for everyone when the kitchen staff are all dressed up and the Dining Hall has been transformed into a festival of ghoulish and gastronomic delights!

Our dance troupe became a flash mob during Tuesday night’s dance, jumping on stage and performing an original zombie inspired interpretive dance. I was happily surprised to see everyone on stage, including faculty member and dance coach, Ms. Cummings.

Also surprising has been the number of guests joining our evening training sessions for Mount Kilimanjaro. I would not have thought anyone would want to join us but we have had Brisnel and Righo, Montse and Lindsay, Eva and Andrea, Linus and Mr. Dietrich (just to name a few). The boot camp sessions are lung busting, leg burning workouts, but we are getting more and more students out every night. Most nights we have 20 to 30 participants!

The Girls’ Hockey Team is raising money for, and awareness of, Breast Cancer with a Pink in the Rink event. (They play at 5:00pm on Saturday night in Brooklyn.) The last I checked they raised almost $1,000 yesterday through their bake sale and dress down day. Wow!

One of this week’s happy surprises was to learn that not only will we be able to dress almost the entire School in Cadet Reds (see the photo below of everyone assembled on the Field of Payne!), but that our Colour Party and Honour Guard opened the Canadian National University Rugby Championships at Acadia last night. Our RSM Sophie Fraser was in command and she had the packed stadium silent (5,000 people) and at attention for the opening ceremonies! It was a proud moment for all our alumni, students and staff present.

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Western Region Cross Country Champs

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 31, 2018 7:52:24 AM

Our Senior Girls team won another Championship Banner with an astounding 21 points (the lowest total of the six winning teams today).  The girls were led across the finish line by soccer-rugby-wrestling-cross country-cross fit superstar athlete,   Tea Racozzi ’19,  as she powered her way to a second place finish. Eschewing her Intermediate girls 5km race and instead opting to run the 6km course with her teammates,   Aria MacDonald ‘21  fought a grueling race all by herself in fourth place. Pushing each other through the race were seniors   Lindsay Hogan ‘19  and   Antonia Ziegler ‘19  with both young women having their best races for different reasons.  One not wanting to pull in front of the other at the finish line, they crossed with hands clasped in unison - both in position 7.5, or so they tell me. Not so far behind were three rookies   Teresa Musi ‘20, Madison Taljaard ‘20 and  Kate Smith ‘19.   Musi  smiled each time I saw her, and had her best race of the season. Like   MacDonald,   Talijaard  raced up to the Senior division and added a full kilometer to her suffering while running each hill without stopping.   Smith had a great duel for nearly all of the race, until her racing partner cut the course by accident, or not, and ended up an intractable distance ahead.  However, displaying the best of sportsmanlike behavior, it didn’t bother our   Kate, didn’t affect the standings, and that was that - she chose to think that her competitor made an honest mistake.  
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Wheels and Spokes for us Folks

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 30, 2018 11:15:59 AM

Recreational cycling at KES is a fun and physical Fall sport. We go on road and trail rides with enough bikes to outfit 10-12 students. Of course bike maintenance is a must each and every day. We have a bit of a hard-core attitude   (see video)  and those who are new to cycling, learn quickly to keep up in a low gear on some of the rugged trails at the Fisherman’s Road trails, for example, and they learn to pedal hard on the Falmouth Flyer route on the Back Dyke Road.
Staying straight against the white line on a municipal road on a road bike requires balance and kinetic momentum which is fundamental to good biking and physical fitness. We have a dedicated group of students who like nothing more than to get outside in the sun, wind, rain or cold and pedal around Lake Pisiquid, Fort Edward, Haliburton House or the Sangster Bridge road.
We have a great community for biking!

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