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Very Cool Biathlon Provincial Races

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 16, 2019 7:11:00 PM

biathlon (1)A lot had to happen to pull this race off on Saturday but, most importantly, the temperature could not drop any lower than the current wind chill temperature of -19.6C. We cancel racing at -20C! The temperature did not drop any further and our athletes raced without any serious hitches.
For our first-time racers, my expectation is that they know the rules, the course, the shooting sequence, the start time and range procedure, etc, so to have complete success is marvellous! Their skiing and shooting undoubtedly improved by sheer focus and desire. Corbin Brundin, Lucas Gimenez and Jayden Morrow were all smiles!

And our veteran biathletes enjoyed a ‘no pressure’ atmosphere. Although it was very windy (the Confederation Bridge was closed!) they still hit some targets and skied well on the icy trail bringing home some impressive hardware!

GOLD for Linus Mulherin - Youth male
BRONZE for Jiyuan (Calvin) Shen - Youth male
GOLD for Aria MacDonald - Senior female

Sunday’s race was cancelled due to the cold temperatures; however, our open Male team and Aria, as a wildcard competitor, have qualified for the Cadet National Championships in March! Well done to these athletes for believing in biathlon and sticking to dryland training FOREVER!

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