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A Truly International Experience

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Sep 3, 2015 9:47:13 AM

If you’ve visited Convocation Hall (our library) you may have noticed the collection of flags that hang from the ceiling.  Those flags represent the home countries of our International Students. While our student make-up changes from year to year, this year we are happy to have 25 different countries represented at our school. 


Our international students choose King’s-Edgehill School for good reasons, reasons that may seem to us to be qualities we take for granted.  Some of the reasons our international students and parents choose our school include:

  • Because of how Canada is such a safe and desirable place to live and study
  • Because the community of Windsor is an ideal location and community for our school – it’s not too big and it’s English speaking
  • Our four seasons and varied climate allow students to play a variety of sports.
  • Because our student body is largely Canadian our international students are assured a truly immersive Canadian experience.

We are delighted these students see the value in a Canadian Education and have chosen King’s-Edgehill School.  These international students also bring countless benefits to our Canadian students – providing a truly international experience.

Through the year we embrace many opportunities to celebrate the cultures that make up our student body.  Some of the ways in which we celebrate these country and cultures include:

  • Celebrating national holidays (i.e. Mexican Independence Day)
  • At our Junior School Assembly our international junior students often do a presentation about their country for fellow students.  On these days the cafeteria includes food from that country.
  • We often have flat nights (our dormitories are made of ‘flats’).  As a group there are often culturally focused flat activities.
  • In the spring each year we host an international fair focusing on the many countries from which our students hail.

While students from all around the world choose our schools for great reasons we know that their presence is a truly a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Interested in learning more about our school?  Download our PhotoJournal, A Day In the Life of a Boarding Student.

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