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Connect, Converse, Catch-Up – Jake Oulton '15

Posted by Mr. Kevin Lakes on May 16, 2022 11:05:18 AM

Join Mr. Kevin Lakes as he catches up with KES Alumnus Jake Oulton '15 in the latest edition of Connect, Converse, Catch-Up!

It is unique for me to connect with a rapper. What’s even more unusual is to converse with a rapper just moments after he had checked on his herd of cattle!

That’s exactly what transpired recently when I had the opportunity to catch-up with Jake Oulton '15. I had heard a few of his tracks, which are gaining in popularity, and dropped by his farm to chat about the music business and his creative ventures.

“Since graduating from King’s, I’ve done a few things. I was a diesel mechanic, worked on transmissions and, of course, I love farming,” says Jake. “There was a period of time that a lot of bad things were happening, even death, and I started creating with my music. I found peace in the writing, it was an outlet – an escape.”

Jake does not look or dress like a typical rapper, but he sounds like one through every beat. “I never try to be anyone other than myself,’ he says. “When I started, I would stay up all night freestyling, I was doing it for myself. I guess I was a closet rapper.”

Jake is very open about using creativity and rhythms as a channel for his ADHD. “I find freestyling comes naturally for my brain.” he says. Jake admits academics were sometimes not his focus at KES and recalls Mr. Alan Dick saying to him that Jake would do well when he found a passion as an adult.

It is a changing landscape for musical artists in the digital world; however, Jake has managed to capture attention. On YouTube alone, he has had over 188,000 views of his three singles: Life on the Highway, Rodeo, and Until the End.

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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 32

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on May 13, 2022 4:52:14 PM

Dear KES Family:

Fortunately, I am not a victim of friggatriskaedekaphobia or paraskavedekatriaphobia, both of which refer to an irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Today is indeed Friday the 13th and it promises to be a glorious celebration of life at KES. Not since 2019 have we been able to have our Church Parade and Annual Cadet Review. As I write this, the sun is shining and the campus is lusciously green and fresh. In other words – a perfect day for all of us to be outside.

Every day like today feels like a COVID-19 recovery milestone. It is almost with disbelief that we confirm our return to normal. I keep waiting for someone to pull the rug from under us, to change protocols and public health mandates, but none are coming. In less than a month, we will have a proper Closing Day and Graduation under the big marquee tent. In the next month we will have a spring fling concert, a cultural fair, an athletic awards ceremony, a Grade 9 banquet and Duke of Edinburgh adventurous journey, a full slate of regional and provincial sporting competitions, our final examinations, and a prom!

I must confess that I feel a bit like a Toronto Maple Leaf fan right now. Although there is no exact term for a fear of disappointment, atychiphobia probably best describes my niggling fear of uncertainty, of failure. Fortunately, as each day passes, the tension eases between my hopes that everything will go as planned, and my fears that things won’t. For Maple Leaf fans facing game seven against Tampa Bay, they will be put out of their misery one way or another by midnight tomorrow.  

One of the casualties of COVID-19 has been stability. There is comfort in knowing life is relatively predictable and normal. For the last two years we have all struggled with uncertainty: of not knowing if we could see friends and family, attend weddings and funerals, meet in person or by Zoom. As we gather indoors at Christ Church and outdoors on the Tanna Turf, today is hugely significant for the School. For us it is a return to normal, and a return to normal together.

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Linda Jia '23 Creates a Buzz at Dalhousie's Regional Brain Bee

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 11, 2022 8:00:00 AM

On Friday, April 29, Grade 11 student Linda Jia competed in the Halifax Brain Bee, hosted by the Dalhousie University Brain Repair Centre. The event brought together 11 students in Grades 10-12 from around Nova Scotia to test their knowledge about the brain and neuroscience research. 

Students were given topics in advance to study including memory, sleep, intelligence, emotion, perception, stress, aging, brain imaging, neurology, neurotransmitters, genetics, and brain disease – just to name a few!

Once Linda found out about the competition, she got right to work and began reviewing the massive amount of material that Dalhousie had provided. As our students often do, she took notes, made an outline, and forwarded her questions to Mrs. Shari Hadley for extra help – all in addition to her other studies and commitments. As a Grade 11 biology student, she had not yet had the opportunity to study the nervous system, so there was no shortage of effort that went into learning the material.

As the first-ever KES student to participate in this competition, Linda came out strong with a respectable third place finish, proudly putting KES students on the map within the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Dalhousie University. 

After the competition, students were given a tour of the labs and witnessed first-hand the cutting edge research being conducted by grad students. It was a wonderful experience for Linda and a valuable experience for all! We look forward to bringing more interested students to next year's competition. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's event! 

Atl Cda Scholarship application deadline

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A Message from the Chaperones

Posted by Mr. Paul Hollett on May 7, 2022 7:30:00 PM

We arrived at school right on time at 4:45 pm today. The students' smiles and buoyant mood said it all: while it was great fun to be away, it's good to be home.

It has been a wonderful trip. We have enjoyed having the opportunity to take learning on the road with our Grade 8 students; their shared memories and experiences will be something they will cherish for years to come.

We extend a special thank you to all the parents who have supported our annual voyage to Quebec City. We know that this year's Grade 7 students are already looking forward to Québec 2023!

Students have the remainder of the weekend to rest up and to work on their travel journal which they will submit soon. They have lots of details of their trip to share with family and friends!

— Michelle Belliveau, Paul Baumann, Paul Hollett

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Au revoir à Québec

Posted by Mr. Paul Hollett on May 6, 2022 11:00:00 PM

We packed our bags this morning and got ready to say au revoir to Quebec City and begin the final leg of our road trip. The time has certainly flown by! After checking out of the hotel it was a short drive to the Museum of Civilization, where students explored the exhibits at their own pace.

Next, lunch and free time at Les Galeries de la Capitale shopping centre and indoor amusement park provided one final opportunity for retail therapy for our students before leaving Quebec City. 

After taking a group photo, we reluctantly said goodbye to our guide extraordinaire Gilles and thanked him for helping to make our stay such an enjoyable and rewarding one.

The drive to Edmundston, New Brunswick, went smoothly this afternoon. Once again, the weather cooperated fully, reminding us of how fortunate we have been to have had blue skies and sunshine for nearly the full duration of our trip. Upon arriving in Edmundston the first stop was for supper and there was something to suit everyone's tastes on the extensive menu at Maple Leaf Queen's Buffet. It was also very enjoyable to reconnect with the restaurant manager and staff whom we had not seen for three years. We also learned that we were their first bus group since the since the start of the pandemic.

After leaving the restaurant it was a short trip to the hotel where we settled in for the evening. Students enjoyed some social time in their rooms or in the pool until bedtime.

It has been another wonderful day with our group. We will make an early start tomorrow as we start the drive back to campus.

We plan to arrive at the Athletic Centre parking lot between 4:30 and 5:00 pm on Saturday. If there are any major changes to this schedule we will make every effort to update this blog to keep you informed.

Attn New Boarding Students

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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 31

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on May 6, 2022 4:37:26 PM

Dear KES Family:

A week of sunshine and warm temperatures awaits us. I can hardly wait to see the buds and blossoms and fresh greenery on campus once again. Not since 2019 have our students been able to enjoy a full spring term and all it has to offer. This includes our Cadet Ball being held tonight!

Canadian hockey legend Guy LaFleur’s funeral was this week. Stories about his life, on and off the ice, are being shared. It is clear that he touched many lives and represents a glorious time not just for Canadians in hockey, but les Canadiens as well. Growing up in Montreal in the 1970s as I did, he was a childhood hero.

KES has its hockey stories about Guy LaFleur. Two in particular. The first is rather funny and takes us back a few years to when Guy was looking for a school for his son. He called our School to enquire about the application process. Because our Director of Admissions, Chris Strickey, was travelling at the time, Guy’s phone call was directed to our Assistant Headmaster at the time, Darcy Walsh. Darcy was (and is) a hockey guy. He not only played at a high level but is a true fan of the sport. The call went well with a promise that the Director of Admissions would call Mr. LaFleur. Now, Darcy is (and was) a trickster. His pranks are legendary on campus. Chris Strickey, on the other hand, is a true hockey fan and one of the finest hockey coaches anywhere. He is serious about the game. He saw Darcy’s note and Guy LaFleur’s phone number but assumed that Darcy was, once again, pulling his leg. Alas, Guy LaFleur never received a return phone call from the School.

The second story about Guy LaFleur and KES is more recent. In 2016, Guy LaFleur came to Windsor for the Long Pond Heritage Classic. Before the big hockey banquet held on campus, Belinda and I hosted a VIP reception at our house, Alexandra Hall. That year we had a full house. Among others, hockey legends Ric Nattress and Rich Sutter were in attendance. Local business owners and politicians and hockey fans filled our home. Sharpies and memorabilia to be autographed were everywhere. I don’t know if it was a bit overwhelming or just too crowded for him, but I found Guy LaFleur in our kitchen. He was sitting on the floor petting our two little dogs. They loved him. For about half an hour Guy and I chatted about dogs and about life. He had a little dog who, when he was home, was his constant companion and slept with him every night. He was enjoying being with my dogs, away from the hubbub.

Later that night, after the banquet, I returned home and walked around my living room. There were some stray glasses and cocktail napkins to clean up. On the mantel were a half dozen photos of Guy LaFleur in his younger days. They were there for autographing. For a brief moment I had a pang of regret: I should have got him to sign one! And then I thought no…I have a memory of him which is much more precious.

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Sunshine and Smiles

Posted by Mr. Paul Hollett on May 5, 2022 11:15:00 PM

We started the day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, followed by a short bus ride along the coast to our first activity this morning: a visit to the Basilica of Sainte - Anne - de - Beaupré . Its shrine has been a world - renowned pilgrimage site for over 3 5 0 years and it attracts more than a million visitors annually. The mosaic artwork and stained - glass windows were truly awe - inspiring for our students. They marveled at the pillars inside the entrance that are covered with crutches and canes that represented those who have been healed.

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History's No Mystery

Posted by Mr. Paul Hollett on May 4, 2022 11:00:00 PM


After a good night’s sleep, our students started the day off right with a sumptuous breakfast at our hotel. We boarded the bus with our driver Steven and guide Gilles at 8:00 am, ready and excited to see what our first full day in Quebec City would bring—1,2,3, on y va!

Wolfe vs. Montcalm: The Battle of Quebec

A memorable and pivotal period of Canadian history came to life during our visit to Battlefields Park and the Plains of Abraham this morning. Students took part in an interactive presentation depicting the battle between the British and the French and gained a better understanding of the events that helped to build and shape this nation. 

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Today's the Day!

Posted by Mr. Paul Hollett on May 3, 2022 11:00:00 PM

Mr. Seagram, Mrs. Shields, Ms. Schafer, Mr. Chandler and parents wished us well this morning as the Grade 8s got set to begin the first leg of the journey to Quebec City. Sunshine and cool temperatures made for a very pleasant start to the day. As we left campus at 7:25 am our enthusiastic group sang “Happy Birthday” to Kohen Wainman!

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Congratulations to our KES Regional Science Fair Winners!

Posted by Ms. Taya Shields on May 2, 2022 9:36:53 AM

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