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Art in a Digital Age

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 12, 2019, 6:31:59 PM

If you're like most people (and I know you must be, because you are reading this on some kind of electronic device) a computer of some kind or another plays a significant role in your life. The Arts programme here at King's-Edgehill School is steeped in tradition. Students are taught and exposed to all forms of Art in a classic fashion; however, today's world has become largely dependent on computers and other such electronic devices. In a conversation I had recently with an alumnus of our School, he told me that his cell phone has more technological power than the Canadian Navy battleship he captains. That same technology has now also become status quo in the artistic world. Most music produced today is highly engineered. Animated movies are block-buster sensations. Technology is now a launch pad for creativity. Of course, the essence of Art is still human, but now we're finding more ways to channel creative intelligence and deliver it to the interested consumer or art aficionado. At KES, we're ahead of the curve in this regard as well. Computers are almost a necessity and, as such, our Arts Department now includes them in our productions, performances, and creations. As you can imagine, it's a challenge keeping up with the hardware and software capabilities, but we do so with the support of our administration and IT Department. Don't worry, we're not letting go of the traditional artistic methods.
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At our recent Arts Gala, Grade 11 student Annalise Emery's digital paint work made everyone's eyes pop. She produced a video of her computerized portraits and refers to it as digital speedpaint. Although the video goes quickly, one instantly realizes the meticulous effort she puts into her creations. Annalise is like many artists: her talents and tastes are diversified. She enjoys other visual art media forms, and she is also a capable musician who plays the flute in the School Concert Band and our Cadet Marching Band and is a talented thespian. Our Arts Pillar is much taller and stronger as a result of her abilities. Annalise has agreed to let me share her video with you, and she explains her artistic inspiration:

This piece was inspired by characters from a weekly webshow called Critical Role. The characters in my piece are all facing a trial or defining moment in their lives that I noticed were all related to different elements. In the final product with all three side by side, they tell a story about the characters Veth, Lucien, and Bren fighting in vain against the elements of water, earth and fire. For those interested, Critical Role is a livestream hosted every week where voice actor Matthew Mercer and his friends get to be nerdy and sit around and play dungeons and dragons. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, but the story that these voice actors weave every week has spawned a huge following of people. The fans of Critical Role create amazing art every week, and it was their works and the story that we follow which inspired me to create this piece.
You’ll find countless opportunities to express your artistic interests at our School. The Arts make up one of the essential four pillars of a King’s-Edgehill School education.
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