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Volume: 5 Issue: 2

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Sep 12, 2014 11:10:00 AM

Dear KES Family,

As much as our School’s staff feel we are instrumental in creating a vibrant school culture, the reality is that the energy and personality of any school year is ultimately determined by the students themselves. In particular, the students who step up and work to make the school a comfortable place for all are the real difference makers. Thus, it was thrilling to see that the first big events – a dance, the “minute-to-win-it” boarder activity, the Grade 9 Cape Split hike, and the Moon Festival supper – have all been great successes. Each one has enjoyed superb faculty support, and the student leaders who took the time to organize, to decorate, to communicate, to cook for the bake sales, and to role model appropriate behaviour, helped make the events happy successes for everyone. The Class of 2015 is already putting their stamp on this year and doing so in admirable fashion.

There are few things that make me feel more helpless than difficulties with technology. And so it is with great humility and empathy that I beg patience from everyone in the School community as we go through the challenges of migrating all our data and accounts and email from an on-site server to one in “the cloud”. There are bound to be a few emails delayed (perhaps dropped?) as we try and synchronize all our devices as well. Smart phones and iPads and laptops all have to be granted access and secured. Shortly we will be sailing along smoothly with every teacher having over a terabyte of offsite storage. How much is a terabyte you ask? That is easy - a trillion bytes. What does this actually mean? Well…if a good photograph is about 3megabytes (3 million bytes) then my new account can store over three hundred and thirty-three thousand photos, or about 58 million normal emails containing just text. My mind boggles.

For those who have the inclination and ability to make last minute plans, please note that Atlantic Canada’s favourite good-time band “Signal Hill’ is playing for us in the gym tomorrow night (yes – Saturday the 13th). You and your friends are certainly welcome. Tickets can be purchased at the door. This is a fun night for the adult KES community to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Parents, alumni, faculty, and friends of the School are welcome.

Special congratulations go out to our kitchen staff who, as part of Chartwells’ Be a Star program, received two prestigious awards this week. As a whole team they won “Unit of the Year” for Eastern Canada, and our Chef Keith Miller won “Manager of the Year”. Well deserved!


Joe Seagram

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