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Volume: 5 Issue: I

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Sep 5, 2014 11:44:00 AM

Dear KES Family,

The feeling of disbelief among the Grade 12s that this is their last year of high school says so much about the passage of time and the journey they are on. Teenagers, in particular, spend a lot of energy catching up with their identity. Each year, each milestone and stage, is a source of both impatience and awe. As one graduate exclaimed: “I waited so long to get here that now I cannot believe I have arrived”. New roles, new expectations, new decisions, await every student each year.

One would think that it would be impossible to be “new” when one was 226 years old, but certainly that is the dominant feeling on campus. There is an expectant freshness to the campus that goes beyond our one hundred and thirty four new students, the eleven new members of staff, and all the new furniture and paint. We all feel it. It is that feeling which speaks to every member of our community that we can achieve greatness. The canvas is blank. It awaits the first brush strokes. It awaits the first results of assignments or sports competition. It awaits the results of auditions and performances. Perhaps most significantly, each member of our community is waiting to populate their canvas with good friends. Every challenge and adventure and class is better with a buddy or two. Sometimes life is as simple as an old Peanuts cartoon, “Happiness is a good friend.”

The search for a new classroom, or for the answer to a new math problem, or for one’s uniform, pales in comparison to the search for connection and belonging. And so it is with a sense of expectation and increasing confidence that I have walked around campus this week. Although the school year is but four days old, I am sensing a tremendous effort on everyone’s part to support and welcome each other to the school. Being more of a gut feeling than anything scientific or measurable, my early conclusions about this year is that our graduating class is exceptionally warm and welcoming and this is helping everyone feel part of the King’s-Edgehill School family.


Joe Seagram

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