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Cadet Corp-- The School's Biggest Team

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 22, 2015 10:22:00 AM

All students between the ages of twelve and nineteen participate in the School Cadet programme once every week. The Corps is organized into two Rifle Companies with three Platoons each; a Band; a precision Drill Team, and a School Flag Party. Leadership positions are filled by students based on ability, previous performance, and experience. They are guided and supervised by a Cadet Instructor Cadre composed mostly of school teaching staff.

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Weekly Cadet activities are varied and include much more than marching and drills. Students work through a series of 10 modules that teach valuable, life-long skills like first aid, and that stretch them individually and as a team as they experience the Confidence Course or spend a fun-filled afternoon zip-lining at Martock’s On Tree Park. These are the 10 modules:











Read past student Benjamin Mackey’s account of the value of his Cadet’s experience below. And while Benjamin graduated from King’s-Edgehill School last year, he both continues to be involved in our school and to draw on the many skills he acquired in his weekly cadet training.

The School's Biggest Team

Teamwork is a big part of life and that is evident here at King’s-Edgehill School. The School has many teams ben_Mackeystretching from athletics to debating to theatre. These teams work hard to complete their goals, however, King’s-Edgehill has a much larger team that involves not just some students but all students. The Cadet Corps is considered the School’s largest team.

In order to fit into this team, members must be willing to work hard and persevere. This term, cadets trained through various module based activities ranging from first aid to marksmanship to the confidence course. Through all of this training, cadets learn the basic principles of teamwork and leadership which are demonstrated and taught by the senior cadets.

One of the most exciting activities the students participate in is the confidence course. It was designed to challenge the strength and endurance of the cadets. The course is comprised of many obstacles including a pond which cadets must trudge through. Sometimes the pond is even covered in ice creating the challenge of breaking the ice to get from one side to the other. Another obstacle is a seven foot wall which they must climb over. Some of the cadets needed support to get over the wall which exemplified how well they can work together to complete a common objective. All of these obstacles are completed using team work and dedication which is a common theme on the School’s largest team.

Sgt Benjamin Mackey (2014 Graduate)

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