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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 10, 2017 9:56:00 AM

Athletics_at_KES.jpgOur Captain’s Council group countinues to met and discussed the role confidence plays in leadership. The Captain’s Council is made up of those student-athletes selected as captains for their respective varsity team here at KES and is advised by teachers Mr. Kim Walsh, Mme. Karen Jones, and Mr. Rory Campbell.

The group, which first began two years ago, meets bi-weekly to discuss topics relating to leadership in the context of athletics and sport. This year the group is working through a ten-module programme which is widely used in both high schools and universities in Canada and the USA. The group members come from a variety of different backgrounds and experience in both sport and leadership, and their individual experiences often form the basis of our discussions. Our next session will see hockey leaders Braden McLaughlin and Connor Snarr lead a discussion on the importance of commitment for leaders in sport. Here are our Council members:

Hannah Smith (Soccer)
Amy Marchand-Dion (Soccer/Rugby)
Taylor Amirault (Soccer/Basketball)
Liam Hogan (Soccer)
Katherine Traves (Cross Country)
John Atwood (Cross Country)
Tessa Firth (Cross Country)
Jacob Evans (Cross Country)
Alex Oulton (Snowboarding)
Eric Dufour (Skiing)
Athan Guo (Basketball)
Jill Miller (Basketball)
Julia Strickey (Basketball)
Henry Lockyer (Biathlon)
Emma Hatchard (Biathlon/Rugby)
Meredith Chambers (Track and Field)
Andrew Canete (Track and Field)
Luke MacInnis (Rugby)
Connor Redden (Rugby)
Julia Schmitt (Hockey)
Brayden McLachlan (Hockey)
Connor Snarr (Hockey)
Calvin Shen (Cycling)
Nathan Danquah (Wrestling)
Jacob Taljaard (Snowboarding)

Rory Campbell
Junior English and Computer Teacher
Basketball and Rugby Coach

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