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Carlisle Norwood (2003-09) by Heather Strickey, Director of Advancement

Posted by Heather Strickey on Dec 2, 2016 8:23:00 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 10.58.45 AM.pngIn addition to running a team-based programme that engages university and college students in social entrepreneurship, Enactus Canada also operates the Student Entrepreneur National Competition, which is a programme that is dedicated to recognizing the best for-profit, student run ventures in the country. I was very pleased on February 9th when I received an email from Preston Aitken telling me that Carlisle Norwood (2003-09) had been named one of two of Nova Scotia's 2015 Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champions. "Norwood received the title of Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champion because of his commitment to customer service as well as his excitement for, and involvement in, the entrepreneurial community in Halifax. Carlisle's business, Freshman Services, provides storage, moving, shipping and packing supplies services as well as property maintenance, pressure washing and gutter cleaning to their clients.

Carlisle competed against three additional Student Entrepreneur Provincial Champions from Atlantic Canada for the regional title and for the chance to move on to the 2015 Enactus Canada National Exposition in Toronto, Ontario which took place May 11-13. The National Champion received a $10,000 cash prize and took home the John Dobson Cup. Alas, Carlisle represented his company and himself very well but did not advance to the National competition.

A few weeks later, Carlisle was awarded the Impact Award for the top Dalhousie Student Entrepreneur of 2014- 2015. Ironically, he was chosen over the Dalhousie student who won the Regional Enactus title! How did Carlisle get to a point that he was running his own business while attending university? Let's face it, for the average student, managing to keep a decent GPA and having a respectable social life, is enough of a challenge without trying to hold down a job as well. Carlisle, a Bachelor of Commerce student at Dalhousie University, had to complete three co-ops for his course of study. He decided to create his own moving and storage business, Freshman Services, when the job he had hoped to have in Toronto didn't materialize.

From there, Carlisle went on to earn his real estate license and is now very busy in the residential real estate market. At some point in the future, Carlisle envisions moving into commercial real estate as well. Carlisle graduated this spring with his Commerce degree and was very circumspect when I asked him what his long-term plans are. "I am 23 and I am only willing to plan three years in advance. I know I want to travel; yet, I also know that I want to establish myself fully in the real estate field before I commit to any heavy travel plans. Law may also be in the future." Carlisle is no stranger to current life at KES. He has been a guest speaker at our last two Career Nights. As you can well imagine, he is a favourite guest among our students. He is young and enthusiastic and makes one believe that anything is possible! I asked Carlisle my patented question about what advice he has for KES Students, and he had a few things to say, "Enjoy your athletics at KES because you may never play another team sport again."

Carlisle recently returned to team sports when he played Rugby for Dalhousie University in the fall of 2014. He is also an avid Dalhousie University intramural player. Carlisle is also a skilled sailor winning "Best new boat" at Chester Race Week last summer. Norwood has represented Canada in sailing in North American, European, and World Championships. Carlisle also urges KES students to work as hard as they can; however, they also need to enjoy the road along the way.

"Being book smart is important but don't forget the importance of networking, ever!" And, his last piece of advice for our students, "Your friendships developed at KES are important, they will last a lifetime!" Carlisle has changed greatly since I first met him as a Grade 6 student from Sacred Heart who was touring our School looking at the possibility of enrolling in the fall of 2003. He was very enthusiastic, charming, and cute. Okay, maybe not much has changed at all!

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