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Chartwells – the Pulse of KES Food

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 12, 2018 7:51:13 AM

ADOMc5xbVAAAa5gZ.jpgt King’s-Edgehill School we take pride in the ability to provide every student with nutritious and delicious food choices thanks to our Food Service partner, Chartwells. Together, KES and Chartwells work to create food and meal choices that are sustainable, balanced, interesting and serve the dietary needs of every student.

Students can visit Chartwells website to view pre-planned menus. All meals come with wellness info indicating if a food item is vegetarian, vegan, local and/or a balanced choice. Chartwells also has a blackboard mural on the wall of the KES cafeteria that shares the story of their food, including where their food and beverages are purchased from and how much of it is fair trade and from local growers. 

Chartwells knows the story of our food is important to KES families. KES cares about the details of where our food comes from, who grows it, who prepares it and how it’s made. The mural is a way for Chartwells to share the story of our food in a way that’s meaningful and visually impactful.

Chartwells also makes eating interesting. Recently, they hosted a “7 Days of Pulses,” which is a world event meant to encourage people to eat more plant-based proteins, because they are a tasty, nutritious alternative to meat and to promote more sustainable foods. Two favourites were the vegan kale Caesar salad and the Rustic Pasta with Cheesy Chickpea Crumble and Tomatoes. Students and staff also tried a kale and white bean pizza and we were quite surprised that we served five whole pizzas!

Chartwells wants students to play an active role in their dietary choices, which is why they also offer occasional opportunities for students to plan their own menu. They also encourage feedback, comments and ideas through their website.

Whether they are planning a simple breakfast or planning for a busy event such as Senior Graduation, Chartwells offers gourmet-style, delicious meals for every KES occasion. They pride themselves on their ability to meet any dietary need with style and creativity.

For more information on the food options available through Chartwells and KES, download the Food Glorious Food PhotoJournal by clicking here.

For more information on Chartwells check out their informative website or by following them on Twitter or liking their Facebook page.

We accommodate many special diets: vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy/lactose-free, as well as a number of other food allergies and sensitivities. For more information, download our Food Glorious Food PhotoJournal 

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