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Choosing An American University

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 24, 2018 6:03:00 AM

Some KES students look to the United States to continue their education either through Ivy League or specialized schools. With thousands of post-secondary institutions to choose from, there are many things students need to consider before applying to a US university.


Firstly, we encourage any KES student looking to apply to the US to think about what is most important to them in a university. We want to ensure students understand the full course offerings of an institution and ensure they are of high quality. Academic excellence is always top of mind at KES – even after a student graduates from our school!

Students interested in attending a US university should start the planning process early – as early as Grade 9 since the application process is much more involved for US universities compared to Canadian. Interested students are also invited to attend US admission workshops help by KES.

When looking at a particular university, students need to consider a university’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, while one university may have the best research program in the world, it may lack in the athletics department. If both research and athletics are important to a student then this may not be the right university for them. If a student is set on a particular school, only to find out they do not meet all of their criteria, it can be disappointing, which is why we encourage students to research similar schools and keep them in mind during the application process.

Universities in the United States vary greatly in their admission criteria, so students need to narrow down what they are looking for in a school and find one that meets their academic standards and needs. Students also need to consider whose admission criteria they meet in terms of grades and SAT/ACT scores. Once they know what tests they need to complete they need to book their exam(s) and prepare well in advance of that date(s). Each US University has different scoring criteria, so it is important that students understand what SAT/ACT scores are needed and be realistic as to whether or not they can achieve that score.

If a student is unsure if they will be accepted into a particular US university based on their grades and test scores, then they should familiarize themselves with the admittance rates at that particular school and see if it is possible to visit the school to get a better sense of whether it is right for them. They should also research it online and get as many answers to their questions as possible. The more a student knows about a US university the more chances of a successful application.

Finally, we ask KES students be vigilant of financial considerations as study in the US can be costly and the amount can vary greatly from university to university. Make sure the cost is reasonable for the program that is of interest and that the price matches the academic excellence they should expect to receive. Some universities in the US provide financial aid as well as international student scholarships, however these are normally limited so interested students should do their research and apply early.

Good grades and exam scores are extremely important, not only to obtain a prestigious scholarship, but also to be accepted to some of the best universities in the United States. KES offers students university counseling that will help them prepare and develop action plans for different programs and schools in Canada as well as the United States. Regardless of where a KES student chooses to go to university, it is our goal to help prepare them for life after high school.

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