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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jul 14, 2016 8:30:00 AM

The staff and faculty at King’s-Edgehill School encourage families to tour our campus and join us for scheduled Open Houses offered throughout the year. We are also proud to present a selection of eBooks and PhotoJournals created to give parents and students an overview of everything KES has to offer – from extra curricular activities, to travel, to academics, to the food services – our PhotoJournals walk you through a typical day on the KES campus and beyond! Some of our PhotoJournals include:

Arts at KES

Whether you are a singer, dancer, musician or love to act – KES has countless opportunities for you to express your artistic talents. This PhotoJournal takes you through the KES Fine Arts curriculum from Grade 6 to IB Art and beyond.

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Boarding School Myths

Despite what some people believe, boarding schools are not lonely, sombre, elitist or intimidating. This PhotoJournal walks you through what you can expect as both a parent and student of KES.

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Course Selection & Graduation Requirements

Enroling in a private school is not enough to ensure academic success, which is why at KES we work with parents and students to ensure they are choosing their courses based on their interests and academic goals. This eBook walks you through all high school course selection options including full IB Diploma, IB certificate programs and the Academic programme.

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Food at KES

Whether you are a boarding student or a day student, KES knows the importance of nutritious foods and the role food plays in academic success. Download this PhotoJournal for more information on our commitment to promote local food suppliers, diverse meals, fun food traditions, and more.

Food at KES 

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB)

KES is proud to offer the ability to take the IB diploma or to study individual IB courses and receive one or more IB certificates.  The IB programme is an internationally recognized programme that opens doors to academic institutions around the globe. This eBook outlines the high standard of learning associated with the IB Programme and what the difference is between the IB Diploma and IB Certificate.

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Musicals at KES

In keeping with the arts tradition at KES, each year our school stages a Junior School musical and a Senior School musical for the enjoyment of staff, students, families and Broadway-enthusiasts province-wide! This PhotoJournal shares photos from past performances and explains how students can get involved in this fun KES tradition.

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Questions to Ask

Deciding on a private or boarding school for your child can be a difficult decision. This PhotoJournal will walk you through many of the questions you may have regarding KES as well as other private-day and boarding schools.

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At KES, growth is more than just exceeding academically. We help students be more through activities such as volunteering. Volunteering helps build a students confidence and develops leadership skills. This eBook explains the ways in which our students are involved in their community and the life skills they take with them from their volunteering experience.

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In addition to these PhotoJournals, KES offers several other eBooks, all designed to give you a better picture of our school. If you have any questions, plan a visit to KES and experience everything our school, staff and faculty have to offer.

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