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District Track and Field Championships Recap

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 16, 2019 3:30:13 PM

large_news1257865_1253499For those who prefer tweet-like emails, here’s what the birds are chirping: after two days of competition our Intermediate boys and girls placed 2nd, and our senior girls and boys won another banner for placing 1st.  See below for complete results and new Wall of Payne members. See (far) below for a longer comment.
Day 2 qualifiers to the Western Region Championships (May 24-25, Acadia)  (Day 1 Regional qualifiers further down) 
*there are many great throwing photos on our MyKES team page - thank you, Mr.Smith*
Kyra Jarvis ‘19, 1st, senior javelin,
large_news1257865_1253482Allie Martin ‘21, 1st, intermediate javelin;
Aria MacDonald ‘21, 1st, intermediate 800m,
Aria MacDonald ‘21, 1st, intermediate 3000m;
Luis Espinosa ‘19, 1st, senior 800m Run,
Brisnel Etou ‘20, 1st, senior high jump
1st, senior boys 4x100m relay: Brisnel Etou ‘20, Jarred Douglas ‘19, Andrew Atwood ‘20, Duncan McLaughlin ‘20 (tying the District record);
Aaliyah Arab-Smith '20, 3rd, senior 200m Dash
Andrew Atwood ‘20, 3rd, senior 200m Dash
Brisnel Etou ‘20, 4th senior 200m Dash
Peter MacGregor ‘21, 4th, 800m Run
Luis Espinosa ‘19, 3rd, senior 3000m Run
large_news1257865_12534883rd, senior girls 4x100m relay: Mya Snarr ‘20, Vilma Moilanen '20, Lindsay Hogan ‘19, Kelly Bouwman ‘20
3rd, intermediate girls 4x400m relay: Allie Martin ‘21, Chloe McClean ‘21, Aria MacDonald ‘21, Melanie Bent ‘21
3rd, intermediate boys 4x00m relay: Nathan Carter ‘21, Nickolas Dyson ‘21, Peter MacGregor ‘21, Lucas Gimenez ‘21
2nd, senior boys 4x400m relay: Andrew Atwood ‘20, Duncan McLaughlin ‘20, Jarred Douglas ‘19, Luis Espinosa ‘19
Emma Coughlan ‘21, 4th, intermediate long jump
Melanie Bent ‘21, 5th, intermediate long jump
Mya Snarr ‘20, 3rd, senior long jump
Vilma Moilanen '20, senior long jump
Duncan McLaughlin ‘20, 2nd, senior high jump
large_news1257865_1253492Pablo Musi ‘22, 4th, intermediate triple jump
Brisnel Etou ‘20, 3rd, senior triple jump
Andrew Atwood ‘20, 5th, senior triple jump
Ryan Costello ‘20, 4th, senior shot put
Joshua Hunt ‘20, 5th, senior shot put
Kaylee Hickey ‘21, 4th, intermediate discus
Ava Benedict ‘20, 2nd, senior discus
Radka Sevcik ‘20, 3rd, senior discus
Emma Coughlan, 4th, intermediate javelin
Wall of Payne Inductees from Day 2
  • large_news1257865_1253494Tyra Alleyne, 200m, intermediate girls, 5th, 27.49
  • Brisnel Etou, 200m, senior boys, 4th, 22.99
  • 45.68 - Good for 5th on the all-time Wall of Payne list, senior boys 4x100m relay: Brisnel Etou ‘20, Jarred Douglas ‘19, Andrew Atwood ‘20, Duncan McLaughlin ‘20 (tying the District record)
  • Aria MacDonald ‘21, 3000m, intermediate, 3rd, 11:46.15
  • Luis Espinosa ‘19, 3000, senior, 4th, 9:50.18
  • Gavin Liu ‘20, 3000m, senior, 10th, 11:30.38
  • Brisnel Etou ‘20, high jump, senior, 4th, 1.83m
  • Allie Martin ‘21, javelin, intermediate, 4th, 25.99m
  • Emma Coughlan ‘21, javelin, intermediate, 8th, 19.04m
large_news1257865_1253489Day 1 Western Region Qualifiers:
Tyra Alleyne '21, 1st, intermediate 80m hurdles (coming very close to the District record!)
Tyra Alleyne '21 4th, intermediate 100m
Aria MacDonald '20 1st, Intermediate 1500m
Jarred Douglas '19, 2nd, senior long jump
Jarred Douglas '19, 2nd, senior 100m
Jarred Douglas '19, 3rd, senior 400m
Andrew Atwood '20, 4th, senior 100m (by 1/100 of a second!)
Mya Snarr '20, 2nd, senior triple jump
Mya Snarr '20, 2nd, senior 80m hurdles
Vilma Moilanen '20, 3rd, senior 80m hurdles
Vilma Moilanen '20, 3rd, senior triple jump
Kathleen Balcome '19, 4th, senior 80m hurdles
Jordyn Hickey '19, 5th, senior triple jump
Duncan McLaughlin '20, 2nd, senior discus
David McCurdy '19, 5th, senior discus
Luis Espinosa '19, 4th, senior 1500m
Luis Espinosa '19, 2nd, senior 400m
Aaliyah Arab-Smith '20, 3rd, senior 100m
Amelia Humphrey '19, 2nd, senior 400m
Kaylee Hickey '21, 5th, intermediate high jump
Kaylee Hickey '21, 5th, intermediate triple jump
Allie Martin '21, 3rd, intermediate shot put
Lucas Gimenez '20, 5th, intermediate long jump
Lucas Gimenez '20, 4th, intermediate 100m
A number of these performances were so outstanding that they have earned a coveted spot on the Wall of Payne:
  • Tyra Alleyne '21 fires to 5th position in the intermediate girls 100m dash (12.94), and terrific 10th position in the 80m hurdles (13.81)
  • Kaylee Hickey '21 eats up 8th place in the intermediate high jump (1.35m)
  • Allie Martin '21’s shot put (8.80m) secures 7th in the intermediate division
  • Jarred Douglas '19 nails 9th spot in both the senior long jump (5.86m) and 100m dash (11.12)
  • Mya Snarr '20 slides into 7th in the triple jump (9.46) and rests excellently in 8th in the 80m hurdles (14.64)
For those who prefer editorial journalism:  There were three storylines that I became aware of over the past 36 hours, all interrelated.  

The first is a bit boring in that I just had this recurring realization that we seem to be much like a well-oiled machine; our wonderful kids know where to be, and what to do and our dedicated coaching staff seem to be always aware and on top of any missed spike or errant shoelace.  I was just so impressed by the lack of dramatic excitement.
Second storyline: I spent much of my time walking from venue to venue. I was never running around in the sense of putting out fires or trying to hold things together. We would have a momentary lull in the running events and I would make my way to the throwing area where Mr. Jeff Smith would be taking videos and photos and offering sage coaching advice; to the corner of the 1500m or 3000m start line and I would see Mr.Brodi Robinson calculating racing splits among the distance kids; along the back stretch Mr.Marc Ffrench was helping with baton exchanges; off to the end of the track would be Mr.Brian Casey caring for his and Mr.Derek Bouwman’s high jumpers; back to the grandstands we find the most senior KES coaching staff of Ms.Sue Bouwman and, of course, the venerable Mr.Guy Payne both watching over the sprints and middle distance performances, both keeping a watchful eye on and off the track.  You may be wondering by now what it is that I do - I know that I am! Well, the other coaches do let me work with the triple and long jumpers!  In short: what a wonderful coaching team - thank you!
Third storyline: other high school programs are upping their level of game.  Horton is building on their strengths, especially in jumps, Avon View has made great strides in their throws this past year (and a lot overall in the past three years); NKEC is pulling together a number of smooth relay teams.  However, the real storyline here is that competition brings out the best in us. I want a strong throws team at AV - all the sooner we have our own throwing area on campus! I want NKEC to have great baton transitions - all the better that we now have lines and relay exchange zones on our track.  I want Horton to jump very well as I can tell you how positively motivated our jumpers are to match them. The better they are, the better we will try to stay ahead, or close the gap.

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