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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 5, 2015 7:29:00 AM

We live in the age of technology. When you talk with kids today, it’s clear that flip phones and DVD players are a students_with_ipadsthing of the past. With technology being such an integral part of everyone’s lives, our teachers ensure that all students know how to use technology properly and safely, and keep up with the tools, apps and gadgets that didn’t exist last year. All of our Junior School students participate in an iPad program and make good use of iPads within the class and beyond. Our junior school students (grade 7-9) are fortunate to have regular technology classes built into their academic schedule.

In Technology class, your child will learn to use various apps and programs on their iPad. They also use iPads for coursework in other classes. This controlled introduction to technology helps our students understand how to responsibly and effectively use current programming to their advantage and keeps them abreast of changes in technology – a very marketable trait. Many jobs today have evolved and exist because of advances in technology and the heavy use of social media.

Our iPad program is in its 3rd year.  Because iPad apps are so common, we thought we’d share some of our favourites. These are some of the apps we introduce our students to: 

Pic Collage – Your child can use this app to make posters. It allows them to use pictures, stickers, videos from YouTube, and different fonts and backgrounds to create posters with a professional look. They hone their creativity while learning to use the iPad to create visual projects.

Quick Voice – This is a voice recorder app, perfect for helping your child remember important things by recording their own voice notes. They can also use the app to record class sessions and/or meetings.

Popplet Lite – Students use this graphic organizer to do just that, stay organized. Students can capture their ideas visually and then organize them.

Educreations – We use this app as an interactive whiteboard and recorder. A whole lesson can be learned right from your child’s iPad. Students view lessons and create content and videos to show what they have learned.

Socrative – This is one of our favourite apps because it allows students to get instant assessments and feedback on their work. Teachers create key learning quizzes, share them, and the app instantly grades work. The app automatically generates graphs to help teachers see which areas need revision or additional attention.

A few other favourite apps are Keynote, Pages, Safari, Anatomy 4D, and an astronomy app. With Keynote, we create professional presentations with animated graphics. The Pages app creates word processor documents, such as reports, right from an iPad. Safari is our preferred iPad web browse. Anatomy 4D presents an interactive look at the human body with intricate detail at the medical professionals level.

The iPad program supports and furthers the learning process at King’s-Edgehill School. We foster growth and learning on every possible platform, and see advances in technology as another tool in our teaching toolbox. The formal introduction to technology encourage our students to use technology for their benefit and in a responsible manner. Every single student has access to and learns to use this intuitive technology. The apps your child will use in their technology classes will serve them well in other classes, beyond the classroom and into the professional world. Technology is an advantage that we offer to all our students at KES.

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