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Equestrian at KES

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 5, 2019 9:38:41 AM

Equestrian is one of the unique sports opportunities at KES offered in both the fall and spring School terms. Our team is limited to a small group of students who benefit from individualized and small group instruction at nearby High Hill Farm. Students’ riding abilities are accommodated in every lesson, whether they are a beginner or intermediate rider. Our instructor, Kristen, has a great deal of experience in both English and Western equine styles.
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In every lesson, our students learn necessary horse management skills including: leading, grooming, tacking and cleaning. Students also learn about safety and body language, and understanding how to read the horses. All students practice the different gaits of the horses, including walk and trot. Beginner riders gain a strong understanding of the use of leg and hand aids to guide and direct a horse while riding. As their lessons continue, riders progress to cantering. More intermediate riders continue to develop their seat and balance of left to right sides and work towards becoming stronger in the area of jumping. As the term progresses, intermediate riders work to increase the height of their jumps.
Students are excited for each and every lesson at High Hill Farm. Kristen fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere which helps novice riders feel relaxed and at ease. The riders enjoy getting outside and bonding with the horses. It is truly a unique experience for students at KES.
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