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Grade 12 Alumni Dinner

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 13, 2017, 10:57:56 AM

Grade 12 Alumni Dinner 2.jpgOn Friday, May 26th, our graduating Students, Alumni, and Staff joined together to celebrate our Grade 12 Students transitioning to becoming Alumni of King’s-Edgehill School. It was so entertaining to see our Track and Field Athletes “sprint” from their Regional Competition at Acadia back to the School and “jump” into their finery to enjoy the Dinner followed by the Cadet Ball! We want to give a special “shout-out” to our student performers. The evening started with Kathleen Balcome entertaining us with the dulcet tones of the piano. Also rounding out entertainment at the Dinner was our fabulous Grade 8 Band, Tribe. Performers included Isabel Diaz, Righo Etou, Clare Fleckenstein, Grace Gallant, Archie Homes, KK Kofoworade. Jem Logan, Aria MacDonald, Matt Ozolins, and Matvey Semenenko.

The theme of the Alumni Dinner was “Forever Friendships.” We had several dynamic friendship duos present Alumni Pins to our graduating Seniors. John Traves and Richard Oland introduced each other and told the story of their friendship which has spanned almost 40 years. The next duo to present Alumni Pins was Abigail Shearer and Katrena Thomas who met at KES. In fact, they are so close, they share a birthday! Our last Grade 12 Alumni Dinner 3.jpgengaging duo to present Alumni Pins was Carlisle Norwood and Ross Porter who joked that they act as each other’s foils. Our dinner finished with three of our Alumni handing out Alumni Pins to graduates to whom they just happened to be related! Sue Williams presented a pin to her daughter, Bronwyn. John Traves presented a pin to his daughter, Katharine. Barbara Redden presented an Alumni pin to her grandson, Connor.

Thank-you to all the Alumni who attended our event. We had almost every decade represented for the past seventy years!

George Himmelman (1949)

Bob MacFarland (1950)
Barb Ryan (1952)

Barbara Redden (1967)

John Traves (1979)
Richard Oland (1979)
Kim Walsh (1977)

Sue Williams (1985)

Alyssa Medina (2006)
Shana Vidito (2008)
Cathleen Bleakney (2008)
Carlisle Norwood (2009)
Ross Porter (2009)
Grade 12 Alumni Dinner.jpg

Rick Lin (2010)
Erin McMillan (2014)Madeleine Killacky (2014)
Peggy Yoston (2015)
Kyran Williams (2015)
Ross Traves (2015)
Liam McLaughlin (2015)Timothy Lui (2015)
Katrena Thomas (2016)
Abigail Shearer (2016)
Heather Strickey
Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations
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