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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 18

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Jan 19, 2018 6:05:54 PM

Dear KES Family:

The value of Nature’s beauty cannot be underestimated. It is inspiring and reassuring and calming at the same time. For the teenager it is really important. Not just because we want this young generation to appreciate the environment and protect it forever and ever, but because this generation’s world is faster and more urban and more steeped in technology and un-natural things than any previous generation on the planet.

A magnificent sunrise greeted us this morning. Yesterday’s fresh snow blanketed the campus, and a rare hoar frost glistened magically on the exposed branches of all the trees. As the students gathered for Chapel, I was pleased to see Johanna Grosse (Class of 2018) take a photo of the wintry scene around her.

It is wonderful to see a student appreciate the beauty that a winter’s day can provide.

The view from the top of Martock is also lovely. For those who are skiing and snowboarding each day, every run affords a majestic vista of the farms and forests, hills and valleys, of the surrounding countryside. Being active and outside is definitely good for the body, but natural beauty is good for the soul. Considering that a third of the school is enjoying the snow and slopes of Ski Martock each day, one has to wonder just how transformative that must be to the student culture back on campus. It is hard to complain about the dark days of winter when one is still glowing from a great day on the slopes! A couple of hours outside each day has to be the best pick-me-up going.

My days often finish with a walk around campus and then through the forest and trails by Turtle Pond. I find the woods have their moods. After a heavy snowfall the silent hush is immensely relaxing. Fresh snow absorbs all sound. To me, there is nothing better than being in the company of trees. They don’t talk but they speak my language.


Joe Seagram

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