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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 3

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Sep 21, 2018 5:54:48 PM

Dear KES Family:

large_photo812526_8549961The cross-country team had finished its first-ever 3,200 meter workout around the “Track of Payne”, the Boys’ Soccer team was holding onto its second-half lead over Avon View, and about half the School was watching happily as they sat on and around the circle of boulders that line the field and track. It was then that Grade 10 student River Qi decided to run laps around the track. Although, on a glorious sunset summer evening Lindsay Hogan and Aria MacDonald had the first official workout on the track, River goes down in history as the first student to run around it for fun.

River is a strapping young man from Jinan, China. He is not a classic runner, but he gamely made his way around and around, and with each 400 meter lap, warm-hearted and enthusiastic cheers would erupt from his fellow students as he ran by. I loved every second of the entire afternoon and what it represented for our School.

In the week it has been finished, our grand-new facility has hosted three soccer games (all victories!), dozens of pick-up rugby and soccer games, and hosted a dancercise warm-up for over 600 people at the annual Terry Fox Run! Although we will need to raise some money before we can finish the track (proper asphalt and rubber surface with lane markings etc), it is already proving to be a transformative area of the School. Anything that promotes our sense of community, anything that enhances our physical and emotional wellness, is a welcome addition to KES. I could not be happier with the way the Track of Payne (soon to be dedicated to Guy Payne – KES track coach for the last 51 years) is shaping up.


Joe Seagram

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