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Headmasters Weekly Newsletter -- Week 34

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on May 27, 2019 2:57:50 PM

Dear KES Family:

large_photo905465_9271257One of the least celebrated skills learned at KES is the art of the quick change. Depending on the schedule, students will likely change four times (often more) each day to prepare for their different activities. Time is frequently of the essence as one cannot dawdle between tutorial and practice or, as was in evidence last night with the rugby girls returning from Truro and then immediately jumping on stage for the Spring Fling. The same will be true tonight when our Track and Field team will return from Regional Championships at Acadia (soggy and cold today, unfortunately) and then transform in time for the Cadet Ball (and for graduates, the formal Alumni Banquet beforehand). Some of our athletes and ballroom dancers are writing their IB French exam today, too.

When Jeff Smith asked our Spring Fling Emcee Joanna Bond to tell a story from her seven years at KES, Joanna replied with a brilliant smile and an exclamation, “I don’t know which story to choose…so much has happened. It is almost half my life.” Indeed, for her and so many others who performed at the Spring Fling, their years here have been multi-dimensional, packed with challenge and adventure. After all, it was just last week when they were all in highland dress leading the RCACC 254 Cadet Corps in its Annual Review.

There were countless brilliant moments last night: Nicola du Toit opening the Spring Fling with her piping; Elizabeth Walsh and Joanna Bond performing an emotional tribute to the tragedy of 911; Melanie Bent, Sarah Hardy and Rhyan Rusaw belting out “Set Fire to the Rain”; Brian Li performing an original piano composition; and Ella Brown dancing and swaying as she ripped through a brilliant trumpet arrangement. There was a special moment following the show when Ohemaa Ofori (Grade 11) remarked on her brother Papa’s (Grade 7) drumming with the Senior Concert Band, “Mr. Seagram, I had no idea that Papa played the drums or that he played them so well. He was really good!” Papa was right beside me and basked in the exuberant praise from his older sister.

At one point in the evening, our Athletic Director, Kim Walsh, leaned over to me and said, “That was spectacular! I love that they are in School uniform, too.” He was right. It is interesting to note that the music transcended what people were wearing; whether it was Kathleen Balcome and Katie Goddard singing sultry jazz notes, or Ben Lohr looking ‘oh so cool’ and comfortable playing the bass guitar (or tuba!), the dress for the evening was our uniform. No need to change into something ‘artsy’, and one less clothing change to make. :) 

Joe Seagram


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