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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 35

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Jun 2, 2019 4:45:39 PM

Dear KES Family:

large_photo906652_9289354As I listened to the Junior School Public Speaking contest finalists, I was surprised to hear one of our very youngest students, Gabby Shaw (Grade 7), speak about the history and origins of reggae music and the intent behind its lyrics. She spoke eloquently about Bob Marley, a musical legend who passed away in the spring of my graduating year from high school. All these years later his message of “One heart, one love, let’s get together and feel all right” is still powerful and resonant with the younger generation.

I wish it resonated more with the older generation. It bothers me to no end that hate crimes are on the rise across North America and around the globe. The opposite should be true. We should be learning from the mistakes of previous generations and moving towards a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for our differences.

Yesterday we had two young male students visit our School. As is my custom, I met formally with each one at the end of the day in my office. Both boys had thoroughly enjoyed their visit. The first thing that each one remarked upon was how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Their reception here both surprised and pleased them. This is a familiar response and it warms my heart. Although I dislike the outside perception that being a private school we must be snooty and self-righteous, I love that time and time again visitors remark upon the warmth of our student body.

In his address to the graduating class last week, alumnus Jim Mullan (Class of 1999) talked about the strength of the friendships created at KES and how important it is to own the decisions (good ones and bad ones) that we make in life. At one point he mentioned how much he dislikes the phrase “when you get out into the real world”, because life is very real at King’s-Edgehill. Unfortunately, we all know what he meant. In many ways we have a school community that shares “one heart, one love”. As I hear the huge cheers for our athletes like David McCurdy (a new Grade 12 student who won the Senior School Good Sport Award at the Athletic Banquet), and as I hear the applause for graduate Lindsay Hogan (first time performing at a Coffee House!) and Joelle Gordon (Grade 10) and all our performers on stage, I realize that this is a school that is genuinely caring and supportive.

I was almost finished this newsletter when I was scheduled to meet with another boy who had spent the day visiting the School. Partially to prove a point to myself, my first question to him was whether he was surprised by anything he saw today. His immediate reply?

“I was surprised to see how kind the students and teachers are.”

We are not perfect. We definitely have our teachable moments. But let me leave you with this image: when the Senior Boys Rugby Team lost its final game on Tuesday, extinguishing any hopes of competing at the provincial championships, I took one final look at the other team’s field as we left. Our side of the pitch was pristine. The bench was upright and the grass was clean and neat around it. The other team’s bench was lying on its side surrounded by dozens of water and Gatorade bottles and tape balls and garbage.

I love it when our graduates receive fabulous offers and scholarships for university, but I am most proud of our little moments of goodness, and of kindness and respect shown to others.


Joe Seagram

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