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How Boarding School is preparing my child for University

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Dec 12, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Like most parents, of course I want the best for my child. That includes finding them the best educational university_boundopportunities. I put a lot of effort into researching what makes a good education and how to prepare them for university. And I feel strongly that boarding at King’s-Edgehill is the right answer for our family.

I found statistics that claim 87% of students who attend boarding school report that they feel ready for university. This is in contrast to only 71% of students at private day schools and a mere 39% of public school students.  These are the reasons we’ve discovered:

Being Away From Home

For most students, the first time they leave home for an extended time is when they attend university. While many universities offer some programs to help the student adjust to this new life away from family and friends, it’s often just not enough. New-found freedom can be exhilarating and frightening. Some students flourish in this new environment. Many, however, take a long time to adjust and have a very difficult time with classes and making new friends.

Students who have gone to boarding school already have the experience of living away from home. With great support from the boarding school staff, they’ve learned the skills they need to be successful: time management, focus, responsibility and independence. These are all crucial skills for university.

More Difficult Classes

At any university, classes are harder than they were in high school and many times the class size is larger. Professors rarely have the ability to work closely with any one student.  Students who have attended a boarding school have had the benefit of more rigorous and intensive educational programs. Boarding schools are renowned for providing class work that exceeds minimum requirements. The classes are more difficult and there is frequently more homework.

Additionally, class sizes at a boarding school are usually small, giving students a much more personalized education. Small classes provide many opportunities:

  • greater access to help from the teacher
  • more focus on each student from the teacher
  • more opportunities to participate in classroom discussions

Boarding school students also benefit from being in classes where the focus is on preparation for higher-level thinking. The great majority of boarding school students go on to university after graduation. Being with other students who are planning to go on to higher education encourages academic achievement.

Many boarding schools also offer educational resources typically found at university, such as media centers and extensive libraries. Students learn how to use these valuable resources while attending boarding school giving them an edge when go on to university.

Co-Curricular Activities

The great thing about boarding schools is that they offer students some of the best opportunities for co-curricular activities available. These schools make it a priority to get their students involved and to keep them busy. Many of the activities found at boarding schools are also available at universities. Being involved in co-curricular activities while attending university helps the student become involved in college life, the same way it helped them while attending school. From sports to clubs to student government, these activities can also help them determine their own personal interests and potential paths to future employment.

It was important to me that my child really prepare for university. As I explored our options, it became clear that a boarding school education would give them an advantage, and help them succeed when they got there. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how a King’s-Edgehill education will prepare your child for university, why not talk to a current parent about their experience.  Simply follow the link below and the school will match you with a parent. 

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