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How our Cadet Programme builds leaders

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Aug 5, 2015 2:53:11 PM

At King’s-Edgehill School (KES), we are committed to helping your sons and daughters grow into responsible, intelligent, and creative young adults. In particular, our four pillars of education provide a strong foundation for students to develop into thoughtful, compassionate citizens of their nation and larger world. Among our many programmes, our Cadet Corps in particular helps students develop leadership skills and gain experience with ceremony and discipline. Given that leadership skills are so important throughout life, we have made Cadet Corps compulsory so all students will benefit.

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A Four-Pillars Foundation

KES is dedicated to helping students develop into outstanding citizens through their experiences with leadership, academics, athletics, and the arts. Together, these four pillars provide the bedrock upon which young people can build a meaningful life.

  • Leadership helps young people learn how to help local and international communities through mutual respect and community service.
  • Our Academic programme provides the highest quality, rigorous yet fun education, with dedicated teachers helping students develop invaluable critical thinking skills.
  • Athletics enhance students’ self-discipline and social skills through multiple sports programmes, as they gain lifelong skills in physical fitness.  
  • The Arts instil an appreciation for culture through the dramatic, musical, visual, and other arts, with activities in band, chorus, and even bag-piping.

Through the convergence of these four emphases, KES is dedicated to training the leaders of the future.

The Cadet Corps

Since 1881, students have gained experience with leadership as members of the Cadet Corps. Over time, the uniforms have changed greatly – from early double-breasted navy blue jackets and trousers to knee breaches and khaki jackets and finally the distinctive red uniform of the Highland Regiment. Yet the Corps has always been associated with discipline, leadership, and a commitment to one’s community. Any student between the ages of 12 and 19 takes part, at least once each week, with a group 300 young people strong. The Corps’ most distinct qualities are two-fold. On the one hand, they train intensively in leadership skills as their abilities, past performances, and record of experience determine their position. On the other, with full Highland Dress Uniforms, the group proudly displays the heritage of one of Canada’s oldest Army Cadet Corps.

A dedication to leadership

As Cadet Corps members, students work to contribute to their local community in several ways, including participation in three prominent activities.

  • On November 11th, the Corps participates in Remembrance Day ceremonies at the King’s-Edgehill School Memorial and the Cenotaph in Windsor, taking the time to reflect on and remember those who have served Canada in times of peace and conflict.
  • Throughout the year, Corps members participate in the Sunset Ceremony, which fuses together the ancient ceremony of Beating Retreat and the lowering of the National Canadian Flag in signaling the coming of sunset.
  • In our final event of the year - the Annual Ceremonial review - Corps members demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have gained in the past year to the community.

Each of these occasions provides an opportunity for students to continue developing their skills as members of their local, national, and world communities. 

Be sure to take a look at the Photojournal on Cadets Corps 254 for photos of these practices and the many aspects of everyday Corps life. This programme is merely one way in which King’s-Edgehill School is deeply committed to heritage, our students, and the larger community. In helping students build the bedrock of leadership, academics, athletics, and the arts, KES helps young people learn to stand tall as they pursue their lifelong goals as citizens of Canada and our global community.

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