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IB Artist - Victor Moreno Del Valle

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 22, 2020 11:01:44 AM

I hope you enjoy our virtual exhibitions. We admire not only our students' skills and creativity but also their courage in sharing their work with us. Please join me in congratulating our 2020 IB Visual Arts students on their hard work and achievements.
zoom_news1342831_1349797The end of the school year was getting close and with it the art exhibition was arriving, and it was an exciting moment for everyone. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, our exhibition at KES was cancelled; yet, the show continues and so does my artwork.
What I'm hoping to achieve with the body of my work is to investigate the human anatomy using different media. My investigation of the human body started, firstly, with my “Self Portrait”: A piece that not only shows my interest in this area, but shows the audience the view I present myself to them. The work shows confidence within the portrait itself by the expression shown, plus I differentiated my portrait from the others by using a monochromatic range of pencils rather than chalk and color. I am conveying the concept of individuality and the idea of self differentiation and recognition. This is not only shown in my “self portrait” but in every artwork of mine.
In my investigation of the human body, I first attempted the facial structure by 
shadowing and highlighting aspects of the artwork itself, only using shades of pencils. This was just to get startedand to understand how humans are shaped and drawn. Just as if one was working in sections, next up was a male torso, made with black, gray and white chalk; with this method I intended to capitalize in dark and bright spots, coming to a deeper understanding with how light sources behave in the curvy surfaces of a human. Lastly, I wanted to experience the art of human interaction and so I created “The Kiss”. In this artwork I was dealing with more than one human at a time, this was difficult because of the overlap and one has to be very conscious about proportions and spacing. With this being said this was also the purpose of this drawing, plus I wanted to add a bit of colour to my gallery with the colour markers I used in this piece. The way I labeled the exhibition of my artwork contributes to the meanings I try to convey by clearly showing the evolution of my investigation of human anatomy, this is, of course, in the way the art pieces show a different aspect of the body, a different style and a different media. These aspects are clearly shown to the viewers, but if that wasn't enough, one can clearly see how the pieces go from smaller parts of the body to bigger ones, as the first artwork shows a face, the second a torso and the third complete bodies; suggesting a symbol of growth or evolution. Perhaps, what reflects on my investigation of the human anatomy as it has, in a way, also grown or even evolved.
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