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Junior Robotics Lunenburg Competition

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Dec 6, 2017 1:51:00 PM

This past Friday, the Junior Robotics team, represented by Aden O’Callaghan, Jayden Morrow, Matvey Semenenko, David Helyer, Oliver Cox, Claire Meng, and David Connors, travelled to the NSCC Lunenburg campus to compete in the annual First Lego League Robotics Competition. This year’s First Lego League Competition was titled “Hydrodynamics” and featured challenges and projects related to the physics, cycles, uses and conservation of water. The competition involved solving a series of robotic challenges and presenting solutions to a water problem that the group had identified. Our team worked hard all morning, competing with their robot and then presenting their robot design, innovative project and team core values to a series of judges.
Shortly after our team’s arrival, the robot challenge began and our group competed using the robot they had programmed and designed to complete various missions on a game board. Our team had three rounds to get the best score they could and we saved the best for last completing the most tasks in the final round. After many smiles, shouts and cheers, our team secured the top score at the competition!

Once the robot competition was completed, it was presentation time. First, the team was asked a series of questions about how they functioned as a group and how they organized and managed their work effectively together. Next, the team had to describe their robot in detail and then answer questions about the choices they made and the programming they had accomplished. Finally, they presented the ideas they had developed to help people use drinking water more effectively. All of these presentations went really well and our team felt confident that they had represented themselves well.

It was a great day for our Junior Robotics team; they refined their robotics and communication skills and honed their cooperation and team building abilities. During the awards ceremony, our team was awarded the judges’ “best robot design” and “best robot performance” awards. Well done, KES Junior Robotics!
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