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Junior School Ski Day Fun!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 14, 2018 12:51:00 PM

Junior School Ski Day Fun.jpgOn Thursday, February 8th, after the first three classes of the day, the entire Junior School took to the slopes at Ski Martock for a day of recreation, camaraderie, and good outdoor fun.
Though the forecast threatened rain, there wasn’t a drop of precipitation, and the temperatures remained crisp and refreshing. The line-ups were minimal and the students enjoyed having the hill almost to themselves.
It was a day to celebrate the great outdoors, and that’s where everyone spent most of the day, taking only a few breaks to come in and grab a sandwich, some snacks and perhaps a great Canadian “Beaver Tail” before returning to the slopes 
with their friends.
Junior School Ski Day Fun!2.jpg
For some it was the very first time on skis, and I commend everyone who tried, including Mathangi Somasekaram, Emily Norton and international students Aaron Lu, Edward He and Sean Sun.

They were among those who persevered and successfully learned the basics. For others, like Victoria Dubois, Benson Lin and Papa Ofori the challenge of learning to snowboard was the goal and, in spite of numerous falls, the thrill of victory was evident on their faces when they returned to the lodge. Junior School staff and students mingled together inside and on the slopes, and everyone enjoyed this special day. 

Sincere thanks are extended to Mr. Paul Hollett who organized this day which ran so smoothly from start until end.

Junior School Ski Day Fun!3.jpg
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