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KES Goes to Canyonlands

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 8, 2016 10:07:00 AM

King’s-Edgehill School is known for its exciting student trip opportunities. Last March Break, KES students travelled as far away as East Africa for almost three weeks of living on a game preserve and helping build two classrooms in a Maasai Village. Another group of students travelled to Central Europe, touring Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. All of the students who participated in these and other KES trips will tell you that they were filled with a lifetime of memories!

This March Break, ten students will have the opportunity to travel for 14 days on a “Canyonlands Leadership Expedition” to Nevada, Utah and Arizona. The trip will start with a flight to Las Vegas. From here students will take a series of scenic day hikes in Zion, Bryce and Kodachrome parks. The trip will conclude with a memorable five-day rim-to-rim backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon.

This trip will not only be scenic and a great chance to bond with fellow students and the trip leaders, Mr. and Dr. Seagram, but it will also be educational. Throughout the adventure students will be taught history, geology, human geography and ecology! Students will also have the opportunity to spend their final night in the iconic city of Las Vegas to watch one of the city’s renowned stage shows.

At King’s-Edgehill School we believe in experiencing the richness of cultures outside of the classroom by travelling, trying different foods and experiencing new things. We believe travel not only enhances a student’s overall perspective, but that it can improve their self-awareness, create independence and teach leadership skills.

Travelling is just one of many ways KES helps students grow and be more. Not only will students step outside their comfort zones (and have fun doing it), but they will also develop cultural sensitivity and learn a lot about what the world outside of their community is really like. Traveling is the kind of personal development that creates courageous and compassionate young adults who will appreciate and look for profound experiences throughout their lives.

Where would your child like to travel? Interested in learning just where in the world KES students have travelled? Take a look at our Oh, the Places You'll Go! eBook; a Dr. Seuss inspired eBook that includes many of the travel opportunities available to students at KES. 

Oh the Places You Will Go


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