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KES Headmaster Newsletter - Issue 27

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Apr 7, 2017 5:41:37 PM

Dear KES Family:

Image 2017-04-07 at 5.39 PM.jpgI have been off campus this week and had a delightful two days in Vancouver before flying to Hong Kong (where I am now). Meeting up with alumni in Vancouver was fun.  The energy, the stories, and the passion that graduates of the School have for KES is really energizing. All of them are doing wonderful things and despite the generational differences there are striking similarities:  Taylor Wade '10 finished her Chemistry degree last year and is studying for her MCATs but won't write them until she returns from Ethiopia as part of an Athletes in Action mission trip. Former Head Girl Jenny Cho is on the Board of a Foundation doing transformative service work in Uganda - she is heading over there again soon. It was terrific seeing everyone. A very special thank-you goes out to David Bursey who hosted us at Earl's Restaurant (he works at Earl's head office in purchasing) and provided AAA steaks that he had aged in his own refrigerator at home for 70 days. They were mouth-wateringly delicious and tender! Best ever.


A retired engineer, David Wass has more energy than a red squirrel. Totally infectious. I asked how he manages being retired. He said that he and his wife have five priorities that they try and put into every day: 1) health - work-out, eat right, be active, 2) work on a 'horizon project', something that you are trying to complete or wish to bear fruit sometime in the future, 3) do something social outside of one's comfort zone, 4) do something you really like doing, 5) do something for someone else. 

I love these five priorities. They are very active, get-off-the-couch, and purposeful. In fairness we don't need to retire before we engage them into our lives. I particularly like numbers two and three because they articulate what we know to be valuable but we rarely put into words. Having personal projects, having social courage, are immensely valuable and healthy. How different would our lives be if we all subscribed to this list?

Joe Seagram



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