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KES Headmaster Newsletter -- Issue 31

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on May 5, 2017 5:16:27 PM

Dear KES Family:

One of the fundamentals of good writing, especially of short stories, is capturing moments that reveal zoom_photo597021_7217966.jpgcharacter. These occasions abound at KES, of course, but I am most impressed by those moments which come by surprise and demonstrate an endearing humility.

Perhaps in the long history of the School there is not a single student who has not made his or her way up Front Hill. Whether it was running for Terry Fox, sprinting up for team training, or marching up with the 254 Cadet Corps on parade, Front Hill is part of everyone’s experience at KES. This Wednesday morning I found myself at 6:00am at the top of Front Hill ready to take two students to the airport. It was a gorgeous morning, the early sunshine burning off a slight mist. I was surprised, yet thrilled, to see that I was not the only one enjoying the beauty of the dawn. For fitness and preparation for the track season, Joshua Goldson was sprinting up and down Front Hill. I only had my phone camera with me but if you look closely in the photo below you will see Joshua on the road down by the gates – I love everything about that silent moment of dedication.

As enjoyable an evening as it is, the Cadet Mess Dinner is long. After over three hours of ceremony and circumstance on the hard wood chairs in Stanfield Hall/McLellan Annex, one could hardly blame any of our students if they bolted back to their rooms once the meal was over. Afterwards, I thoroughly enjoyed some post-dinner conversation with our guests as the Dining Hall staff started to clear the tables of cups and cutlery, table cloths and centre pieces. It is a big job, requiring buckets for food and beverage leftovers, and multiple trolleys for all the crockery, etc. Recognizing this, two students joined in to help and did so completely of their own volition. I was so pleased to see Pablo Gonzales Sanchez (Class of 2021!) and Brenda MacDonald (Class of 2017) happily chatting away with the kitchen staff as they helped clear the banquet tables. Wonderful examples of leadership through service to others.

Joe Seagram

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