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KES Headmaster Newsletter -- Issue 35

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Jun 5, 2017 9:09:14 AM

Dear KES Family:

It is at this time of year when one realizes that there are a zillion shades of green.  The spring rain and warmth has created a verdant wonderland on campus and the surrounding hills and countryside.  However, it is rather ironic by the time June comes and the campus looks stunningly perfect that the end of the school year is upon us. I really think we ought to extend our programmes right through the summer months so that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty which surrounds us. Don’t you think? Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer in a classroom?
Okay.  Maybe that is just too weird to contemplate, but it still seems a bit selfish to be saying farewell when the campus is so gorgeous and there are only a few of us left behind to enjoy it.
I had some fun today going back through some of my old photos from previous years.  I gathered a few for the slide show below.  These are not quite baby pictures but there are certainly some baby faces amongst them!  I apologize in advance for not having some of every student, but I think everyone will appreciate the trip down memory lane.  Some students have not changed much over the years.  For some, the years of growth and maturity (and orthodontics, hahaha!) have been transformational.
It is hard not to be nostalgic once June rolls around.  A third of the students currently at the School will not be here next year. It is hard to fathom the KES family without them.
Joe Seagram

The Slide Show


P.S. This current year’s photos can be found here, or anytime on the KES website at: News & Events and The Year in Photo and Video.

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