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KES Headmaster Weekly Newsletter-- Issue I

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Sep 9, 2017 8:08:08 AM

Dear KES Family:

It has been an absolutely superb first week here at the School. The enthusiasm (and energy!) for the year ahead is at an all-time high. Picking up from the tremendous leadership of the Class of 2017, this year’s graduates are already leading the way, providing a warm King’s-Edgehill School welcome for our 153 new students. Our Grade 11 Stewards and their Grade 12 Prefect counterparts are doing a remarkable job. Whether carrying luggage, reassuring new parents and students, or singing loudly in Chapel, they have helped everyone make that sudden transition from summertime and holidays to classes and our 24/7 KES life. Clubs and sports and auditions for the musical have commenced. Even the joys of running front hill for fitness have been discovered!
And yet, for all the joy and enthusiasm here on campus I am actually pleased to see that our students are well aware that there are many, many people elsewhere who are not so lucky. It is reassuring to know that our students care about the plight of others. We have families and friends in Texas and Florida and throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. The hurricanes and earthquake south of us contrast sharply with our lives here on our hilltop in Windsor, Nova Scotia. We are an oasis of tranquility right now. At times like this, when disaster and tragedy strike different parts of the world, we realize that we are all connected. One way or another our lives have overlaps, intersecting events and commonalities. We may live far away but we are not living in isolation.
This is an important lesson too. We must not stop caring for others. However, life cannot stop when misfortune strikes. If anything, our compassion for others must inspire us not to waste the opportunities before us. We are unspeakably fortunate here at KES, and that in itself is reason to give 100% to all we do and to appreciate how blessed we are to be on campus sharing this portion of our lives with each other.
Joe Seagram

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