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KES Headmasters Weekly Newsletter -- Week 3

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Sep 22, 2017 4:32:05 PM

Dear KES Family:

Our Head Boy, Arturo Ramirez, made an announcement on Wednesday in which he urged his fellow students to make sure they left the Dining Hall neat and that when they put away their dishes to stack them in the appropriate piles (bowls with bowls, big plates on big plates etc.). He finished by saying “little things can make big changes”. He is right. We have to look beyond the small impact we make as individuals to see how transformative we can be as a community.

This why we run the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope each year. For sure, my toonie or t-shirt purchase is not going to fund the cure for cancer. However, over the years the School has raised a quarter of a million dollars for cancer research. That is significant. Thirty-seven years ago Terry’s vision was for each Canadian to donate $1. His vision of “crowd funding” has been enormously successful and each year the Foundation raises approximately $23 million.

Today we are doing what we can to raise funds and awareness for those affected by earthquakes and hurricanes in Mexico and the Caribbean. A dress down day and giant bake sale have been incentives for $1 and $2 donations. Again, what we raise may seem almost irrelevant compared to the billions of dollars of damage sustained over the last two weeks, but if others are inclined to help the Red Cross in its efforts then big changes can happen.

It has been a week of running: running for Terry, running on the soccer pitches and tennis courts and in Mr. Foley’s morning sessions, and running at our cross-country meet. There is something uniquely transformative about running. A five kilometer course may seem endless and each hill insurmountable, but each small stride and every breathless step add up to get us to the finish. Little things added up together can make big changes.



Joe Seagram


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