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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 19, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Rev classroom2.jpgAfter each report card, we post an Honour Roll just outside the cafeteria, recognizing students’ academic efforts.  At King’s-Edgehill School, the Honour Roll is a little different. Instead of an Honour Roll based on grades, it’s based on efforts. We believe that if a student puts in a consistent strong effort, with the support of teachers and small class sizes, excellent grades will follow. 

Every report card – all 8 of them, has an effort grade. Effort grades occur when teachers take stock of a student’s effort and evaluate the specific commitment they make to every course and athletic programme.

Staff Advisors follow up on the indicators set out by the teacher, assigning an effort grade based on effort diligently applied, and taking steps to correct any slackness. The following scale is used: 1 excellent effort, 2 satisfactory effort, 3 unsatisfactory effort and 4 very unsatisfactory effort. 

In addition to effort grades, KES also has the Earned Status System, which is designed to reward students whose academic effort is consistently strong and conduct is reliable, as well as to assist students who require continual close support and monitoring.

There are three categories: Category 1 is for students in Excellent Standing who have demonstrated that even under difficult circumstances, they can complete work on time and live comfortably within the routines and structures and assume responsibility for their School life.

Category 2 students are in Good Standing. KES recognizes Category 2 students who work consistently and are socially responsible. For example, they have very few, if any, demerits for missed assignments, lateness, absence from class, compulsory activities, etc.

Category 3 students are in Poor Standing. This category designates students whose effort is below the acceptable standard and/or who may not have adjusted to the routines in place at the School, and may often be sanctioned for a variety of offenses.

Any hard working KES Student can make the Honour Roll. A student’s success is a team effort and report cards are personalized and provide meaningful student feedback. We believe in academic excellence through hard work and that every student can be more!

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