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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 4, 2016 8:38:16 AM

While King’s-Edgehill School has many co-curricular programs available to our students, it is time to highlight a unique group of academics – Screen_Shot_2016-01-04_at_8.24.21_AM.png“the Mathletes”. 

Students at King's-Edgehill grow and learn best when they are encouraged to pursue activities that inspire them to succeed. It is our mission to be a recognized centre for excellence in mathematics and, to this end, our students are offered enrichment opportunities within classes as well as an array of mathematical opportunities beyond the classroom. Students can choose to be a part of nearby University Math Circles, on-campus Pizza and Problem sessions, Robotics clubs and competitions, student-run Math League seminars, and a multitude of individual and group math competitions, including the challenging University of Waterloo contests.

Aside from our Provincial championship awards and individual global successes, our students have the opportunity just to have fun problem solving with like-minded students in a relaxed and multi-grade environment. During competitions they enjoy showcasing the skills they have worked hard to develop while continuing to meet regularly to hone their mathematic skills with games and activities in between. By interacting with other students that are also passionate about math, our students are able to cultivate their social skills along with their math skills.

It is always a pleasure to see our students form friendships through such programs that will outlast their days with us. Whether here at King's-Edgehill or away at a competition, the bond many of our students form through a shared love of math is a lasting one. It is not uncommon for our students to not only stay in touch with competitors from other schools, but also to attend the same universities after graduation. Today's colleges and universities value a well-rounded student. The experiences as well as the awards won will help our students after they graduate from King's-Edgehill and begin their university studies. With the skills and awards collected by our mathletes, it is no wonder that they will go on to many top universities.

King's Edgehill students not only prove their skills in math, but also develop the skills they need for public speaking, performing under pressure, and the self confidence that only participating in competitions with other schools can bring. These skills serve them not only during their school days, but provide the base they need to succeed after. Being able to speak before a large audience and answer questions accurately develops an earned sense of confidence that cannot be found elsewhere.

There are so many activities here that get students doing more, while we help them aspire to be more. If you're considering King's-Edgehill School for your child, you may want to connect with a current KES parent for answers and insights. We'll connect you with one here.

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