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Kings-Hants District Track and Field Championships

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 17, 2018 7:04:00 PM

track and fieldTuesday, May 15th, on Day 1 of the Kings-Hants District Championships, the weather story would have been that our faces were red from a burning sun, on Wednesday our faces were red from a cold north wind.  Such is Nova Scotia weather.  There is also a third reason why there were so many ruddy complexions: our students ran, threw and jumped with all their effort.  One of the thoughts which sprung to mind several times over the last two days as I watched many different KES athletes compete was just how much they were trying, how much they were giving all they had to the last meter.  (For a handful I did think – couldn’t they do this in practice?!)  There is an inordinate amount of practice time that goes into a 100m sprint, and the ratio is even worse for a split second throw or jump.  Better yet, if you do not perform well in that short moment of time, then you have no referee, no foul-committing player and no teammate to blame.  With rare exception it’s all on you.  This is one of the many reasons I love track and field – there is no excuse to hide behind (and not for a coach, either).  I think the happy side of this brutality is that it brings the team together.  I heard many rounds of cheering and saw plenty of support.  Oh, and I also received compliments by others more than once that "I could only see a sea of KES students moving the hurdles and the high jump mats (heavy and large)”.  That is the best of feedback.
track 3As for the results, that has to be started by the District records broken by Mae Batherson (’19) and Duncan McLaughlin (’20).  McLaughlin furthered the previous all-time District intermediate 1.5kg discus throw by 1.99 meters for a distance of 39.10m.   In her first year as a senior, Batherson crossed out the 2013 record of 13.31 by power hurdling her way to a 13.23 performance.  Batherson competed in 4 individual and 2 relay events and qualified for Regionals in all 6 events. She added GOLD medals in the 4x400 with teammates Amelia Humphrey (’19), Lindsay Hogan (’19), and Antonia Zeigler (’19) and in the 4x100m relay with Amelia Humphrey(’19), Kathleen Balcome (’19), and Jordyn Hickey (’19).  Along with relay GOLD, Jordyn Hickey (’19) had another golden performance, this time as an individual, in her senior girls javelin throw.  Brisnel Etou Bosseba (’20) competed in four individual intermediate events and two relays, qualifying for Regionals in all and winning the 100m Dash, and High Jump and led in the winning 4x100m relay along with Andrew Atwood (’20), Duncan McLaughlin (’20), Ryan Costello (’20).  Josh Mills (’19) took home two GOLDS in the 100m and 200m Dash.  Aria MacDonald (’21) bested her competition by a large margin in striding to a GOLD medal in the intermediate 800m race. Adeolu Kofoworade (’18) seemingly hovered over the bar and the competition in winning the boys senior division high jump.  Though he didn’t collect any gold medals, Luis Espinosa (’19) definitely deserves the Iron Man award for placing 2nd in the 400m Dash (which would have been a District record were it not for the 1st place runner also breaking it), 2nd in the 800m, 2nd in the 1500m and 2nd in the 3000m.  Espinosa then led his team in the 4x400m relay to a (wait for it) 2ndplace finish.  It should be noted that he did not fall 2nd to the same person each time.  400m to 3000m is a very impressive range.
track 2The following list of athletes will be competing next week in the Regional Championship Meet at Acadia University (May 25, 26).  I should be receiving our Regional information soon and then I can pass along the schedule.  There will be some movements in the relays.  The top 4 competitors in track events and the top 5 in field events move forward to Regionals.  Even though our A and B team in the Junior Boys 4x400m race both placed in the top 4, we can only move forward one relay team.  This does show our great depth, however.  If I missed anyone, I can assure you it is not intentional, but please do let me know.  IB students who did not compete at Districts but will be competing at Regionals are not listed.
All this success does not come from one person, but rather as a bunch of people working as one team: Thank You to our coaching staff, Mr. Manny Avila (Boys Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps), Ms. Sue Bouwman (Girls Sprints), Mr. Jeff Smith (Throws), Mr. Brodi Robinson (Mid-Distance, Distance),  Mr. Derek Bouwman (High Jump), Mr. Brian Casey (High Jump, Mid-Distance, Distance) and a special thank you to our Master Head Coach Mr. Guy Payne in his 51st year with KES athletics guiding our programme.
Elena Julien 4th Junior Girls
Mya Snarr 3rd Intermediate Girls
Kaylee Hickey 4th Intermediate Girls
Mae Batherson 1st Senior Girls
Jordyn Hickey 3rd Senior Girls
Kathleen Balcome 4th Senior Girls
Tristan Alleyne 4th Senior Boys
400m Dash
Brisnel Etou Bosseba 4th Intermediate Boys
Amelia Humphrey 2nd Senior Girls
Luis Espinosa 2nd Senior Boys
Jarred Douglas 4th Senior Boys
100m Dash
Magdalene Mills 3rd Junior Girls
Brisnel Etou Bosseba 1st International Boys
Andrew Atwood 2nd International Boys
Kathleen Balcome 2nd Senior Girls
Josh Mills 1st Senior Boys
Derek Chan 4th Senior Boys
Aria MacDonald 2nd Intermediate Girls
Luis Espinosa 2nd Senior Boys
Magdalene Mills 2nd Junior Girls
Brisnel Etou Bosseba 2nd Intermediate Boys
Andrew Atwood 3rd Intermediate Boys
Amelia Humphrey 3rd Senior Girls
Mae Batherson 4th Senior Girls
Josh Mills 1st Senior Boys
Derek Chan 3rd Senior Boys
Roberto Silva Payan 4th Junior Boys
Aria MacDonald 1st Intermediate Girls
Amelia Humphrey 2nd Senior Girls
Luis Espinosa 2nd Senior Boys
4x100 Relays
Junior Boys 4th (Roberto Silva Payan, Rodrigo Morales Portillo, Eduardo Villalobos Arandia, Luis Alejandro Medina Ongay)
Intermediate Girls 4th (Kaylee Hickey, Kelly Bouwman, Tyra Alleyne, Maritere Pozos Castro)
Intermediate Boys 1st (Brisnel Etou Bosseba, Andrew Atwood, Duncan McLaughlin, Ryan Costello)
Senior Girls 1st (Amelia Humphrey, Mae Batherson, Kathleen Balcome, Jordyn Hickey)
Senior Boys 2nd (Josh Mills, Derek Chan, Zach Evelyn, Spencer Lockyer)
Aria MacDonald 2nd Intermediate Girls
Tanner Humber-Dredge 4th Intermediate Boys
Antonia Ziegler 2nd Senior Girls
Lindsay Hogan 3rd Senior Girls
Luis Espinosa 2nd Senior Boys
Yasuyuki Saji 4th Senior Boys
Junior Boys 2nd (Roberto Silva Payan, Rodrigo Morales Portillo, Eduardo Villalobos Arandia, Luis Alejandro Medina Ongay)
Junior Boys 4th (Cameron Stephens, Zane Scott, Zach Logan, Greyson Corbett-Lumb)
Intermediate Boys 4th (Brisnel Etou Bosseba, Andrew Atwood, Duncan McLaughlin, Tanner Humber-Dredge)
Senior Girls 1st (Mae Batherson, Amelia Humphrey, Lindsay Hogan, Antonia Zeigler)
Senior Boys 2nd (Josh Mills, Spencer Lockyer, Nicholas Cheverie, Luis Espinosa)
Long Jump
Roberto Silva Payan 4th Junior Boys
Mya Snarr 5th Intermediate Girls
Duncan McLaughlin 4th Intermediate Boys
Adeolou Kofoworade 2nd Senior Boys
High Jump
Kaylee Hickey 2nd Intermediate Girls
Brisnel Etou Bosseba 1st Intermediate Boys
Duncan McLaughlin 3rd Intermediate Boys
Mae Batherson 3rd Senior Girls
Jordyn Hickey 4th Senior Girls
Adeolu Kofoworade 1st Senior Boys
Nicholas Cheverie 5th Senior Boys
Paul MacInnis (’18) 6th Senior Boys
Triple Jump
Mae Batherson 2nd Senior Girls
Sarah Lynch 4th Senior Girls
Shot Put
Allie Martin 3rd Intermediate Girls
Ryan Costello 4th Intermediate Boys
James McGregor 3rd Senior Boys
Lane Latreille 4th Senior Boys
Discus Throw
Quinn Emery 5th Junior Boys
Duncan McLaughlin 1st Intermediate Boys
James Atwood 5th Senior Boys
Magdalene Mills 4th Junior Girls
Javelin Throw
Kyra Jarvis 4th Intermediate Girls
Jordyn Hickey 1st Senior Girls
Olivia Drava 4th Senior Girls
Josh Mills 3rd Senior Boys
Spencer Lockyer 4th Senior Boys

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