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Pot…here it comes. What you need to Know

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 23, 2018 8:10:58 AM

thumb_news1156945_1103207.jpgThis week KES students welcomed David Klein, Advanced Care Paramedic, to Convocation Hall for the first of several presentations being offered to the Senior School on the hot topic of marijuana. Mr. Klein educated students on Canada’s Cannabis Act and how this new legislation will effect drug use and sales across the country.During this interactive presentation, where students could anonymously text in questions, the audience received valuable information on the short and long-term health risks and physical changes seen in the brain with marijuana use. MRI images showed the brain changes before and after marijuana use, and students were challenged to identify samples of marijuana and other harmful drugs.

Mr. Klein explained to students how the brains of youth and young adults are at a crucial time of development, and consequently, all dangers associated with marijuana use are amplified. The heart of the message to KES students was to know what is out there, be aware of the harm that drugs such as marijuana can have on your future, and “make smart decisions” in your life.

King’s-Edgehill School is known as a vibrant, energized school. We give our students the opportunity to engage in activities, clubs and intramurals that develop their leadership skills and form lifetime bonds. We offer many activities designed to appeal to the interest levels of all students, including various sports and athletic programming, music programming and arts programming.

We pride ourselves on educating and nurturing all students by offering them exciting programming and activities that they look forward to. In addition to weekend trips, volunteering opportunities and various events, there is also time for our students to relax and have fun with their fellow students. On weekends, KES offers hiking, sledding, skiing, and hockey on the long pond as well as many other events and activities.

Graduates of boarding schools are more self-confident and self-assured. They are also well-prepared for the rigors of university life. Your child will thank you for investing in his or her future by allowing them to attend King's-Edgehill. To find out more, download this eBook.

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