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Provincial Win in CEMC Waterloo Math Contests!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 3, 2019 7:41:07 AM

The Pascal (Grade 9), Cayley (Grade 10) and Fermat (Grade 11) Waterloo Math Contests were written on February 26th, and after receiving the results, presentations were made to our KES Mathletes at the April 24th School assembly. Certificates of Distinction were awarded to those scoring in the upper 25% of all contestants worldwide, and a medal is awarded to the highest scoring student in the school.

KES Results for the Grade 9 Pascal Contest:
1st  Cameron Stephens – received a Certificate of Distinction and the school medal

KES Results for the Grade 10 Cayley Contest: (All received Certificates of Distinction – top 25%)
1st  Jiahuan (Edward) He – also placed 1st in Nova Scotia and is the Nova Scotia Individual Provincial Champion!
2nd  Yi (Edward) Chang – also placed 6th in Nova Scotia
3rd  Yuxi (Lonnie) Luo
4th  Simon Peschke

KES Results for the Grade 11 Fermat Contest: (All received Certificates of Distinction – top 25%)
1st  Xinlan (Angela) Du – also placed 5th in Nova Scotia
2nd  Jimin Choe – also placed 6th in Nova Scotia
3rd  Junxi (Oscar) Ou – also placed 9th in Nova Scotia
4th  Jiawen (Madison) Mu
5th  Xi (Tony) Chen
6th  Haichuan (River) Qi

math contest 1
math contest 2
In addition, the top three scores from each school are added to make the team score. The team of Angela, Jimin and Oscar placed 1st in Nova Scotia in the Grade 11 Fermat Contest. That makes them Provincial Champions!

Congratulations to all our participants. If you would like to know your score and placing in our School and Province, please ask your Math teacher.
We look forward to seeing the results from the last contests of the year (which were written on April 10th) soon!

Achievements like this make parents so proud! We find that most parents of King's-Edgehill students are happy to help out whenever they can and are eager to answer any questions prospective parents might have.
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