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Science Fair at King's-Edgehill School

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Our classroom structure is set up to not just educate the class, but to educate your child as we challenge, encourage and support them in a

personal learning style.

We are excited at King's-Edgehill as we plan for an upcoming Science Fair. One more way we provide your child with an exceptional learning experience. Many schools have stopped the practice of holding science fairs for their students, but we feel there is a lot to be learned from participating in these educational events. There is often dread on the part of the parent when the idea of a science fair is mentioned; however, we are planning this process to be wonderful way to equip your child for an outstanding learning experience.

We have been holding the science fairs now for about twenty years. We have had the wonderful opportunity of having a considerable number of our students go on to the National Level and bringing back with them information on how to improve the quality of our projects. Their knowledge and experience has been overwhelmingly beneficial to the success of our fairs over the years.

Over several months we help our Junior School students prepare and complete a project they have selected. We guide them through the selection of a project phase, researching the project, preparing a skeletal outline of their design, completing a rough draft of the project and then the final copy along with the project display. During any science fair the oral component is one of the most important pieces your child will complete. This is such a fantastic way for them to gain confidence in themselves as they explain the creation of their project. Many students find it easier to explain themselves verbally versus writing down their thoughts, so this phase is one we will help them to strengthen.

From these steps we move into the selection of six to ten students who will participate in the Regional Level. This level will offer the students a chance to win cash prizes as well as a scholarship to Atlantic Canadian Universities as their projects compete against other students across the Annapolis Valley area. They will also have the chance to advance onto the National Level.

The prize level increases at the National Level as the students will have the chance to win scholarships to large universities and even more exciting- their project could possibly be purchased, patented and invested in. We were incredibly excited when two of our students competed at Nationals last year and brought back to us a wealth of information for this year’s projects.

Achievements like this make parents so proud! We find that most parents of King's-Edgehill students are happy to help out whenever they can, and are eager to answer any questions prospective parents might have. Let us know you'd like to connect, and we'll put you in touch!

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