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Snowboarding Fun!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Mar 25, 2021 1:56:00 PM

Our snowboard team had an incredible and exhausting day at the hill. Our riders had to adapt to all weather conditions. We arrived to spring conditions, and no cloud in sight. Slowly but steadily, the clouds came in and we got some fresh snow on our icy giant slalom course.
The GS course was set by our athletes with the help of Team NS coach Kimberly Sutherland. After a few practice runs and the resetting of some gates, the riders had an hour lunch break to gain strength for our KES race.
Snowboarding Fun!
It was great to see that the competition ignited a fire in everyone’s eyes. There was more tension in the bodies, and more pressure on the edges as everyone was working hard on their personal best on difficult terrain. In the end it was Jem Logan who claimed the fastest time of the day: 49.61 seconds (the only one under 50 s). He left at 3:00 pm with some other rugby players because their legs were not tired enough! Second and third place were claimed by Greyson Corbett-Lumb (50.4) and Fox Sullivan (50.6)
Notable Highlights:
  • Lillian Blois (Grade 6) our youngest rider on the team, raced a respectable 1:11.40.
  • Gabriel Roqueni, who missed most of the season due to an injury (sprained ankle) was able to race with us today.
  • I saw Ayumu Goto after his rugby practice and he said: “Mr. D, I had cramps in both my legs, multiple times.” He had a bright smile on his face. It is great to see our students so happy and exhausted after athletic exercise.
  • Fox was riding his alpine board (hard boots) for the first time in a GS course and had one of the best times of the day.
This was the best possible finish to a pandemic snowboard season. We are so lucky and fortunate to continue with our sports.
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