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Special Regional Wrestling Championship

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Mar 15, 2021 8:42:06 AM

The young men and women of our King’s-Edgehill wrestling team had a particularly special regional championship in their home gym on March 6. Thanks to the cooperation of everyone involved, all of the COVID-19 protocols were strictly adhered to, and our athletes represented KES in the only wrestling event in Canada so far this year.

Special Regional Wrestling Championship

As a matter of fact, Wrestling Canada requested to show the livestream of our event which, thanks to Marc Ffrench, can also be found on our King’s-Edgehill YouTube channel here. Our wrestlers performed exceptionally well. David Helyer, Bella Turner-Galaise, and River Qi all earned GOLD medals. Justin Day, Stanislav Matkovskyi, Callum Lovelace, Megan Mattie, Gleb Proshkyn, and Bruce Zhang all wrestled some of the best matches of their wrestling careers so far. Together, they earned a first-place finish overall with GOLD for the senior boys and the senior girls. We would like to say a special thanks to Riley Otto (Class of 2010) for lending his considerable expertise in the coach’s corner, Jennie Weisner for keeping a close eye on our athletes’ physical well-being, Headmaster Joe Seagram for lending his support and taking excellent pictures, and to Kim Walsh for organizing the event and performing as a referee. Most of all, we would like to recognize our graduating wrestlers, River and Callum, for their contributions to our wrestling programme, and we wish them luck in their future wrestling careers. 

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