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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 11, 2015 10:54:19 AM

Young or old, at school or at home, fresh baked goods are always a welcome treat.  Thanks to very thoughtful parents Anne and Arch, our students are often surprised with delicious fresh baked goods throughout the year. 

As parents of boarding students, Anne and Arch would visit with their children regularly at the School.  They could not help but take note of the number of children who were far from home and would not see their parents for months. 

At Christmas time, the couple decided to plan a special event for all the boarding students. The idea of a horse drawn wagon filled with students, teachers and staff wrapped in warm blankets, singing carols, sipping hot chocolate and eating delicious homemade cookies from Anne’s kitchen was born. 

Just before exams, a team of Belgium horses and wagon made several trips around the property, with the sound of Christmas carols and music, harness bells jingling and a clop clop of hoofs on the pavement. The only thing missing was a coating of white snow, but I don’t think anyone noticed.

While the cookies and treats didn’t last long, the memories that were created certainly will.  And for any student who participated or anyone with a sweet tooth, Anne put together a video on how to make these melt in your mouth shortbreads.


Baking is Anne’s passion and just one way she gives back to friends and families throughout the year.  King’s-Edgehill students are often treated to her goodies, especially the girls' hockey team, who are often greeted by Anne and Arch with fresh baked goods after their games. On Valentine's Day the girls' hockey team will again receive lovely treats, this time it will be Anne's homemade fudge.  Are you suddenly craving fudge?  You’re in luck, Anne also shares her fudge recipe in her latest video. 


Happy Valentine's Day. 

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