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The IB Exams: One Year in One Hour

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 5, 2019 7:44:48 PM

One year in one hour – the International Baccalaureate programme can certainly be challenging at times, and during the fleeting moments of writing the final exams, one has to be prepared, focus hard and write fast! I am very happy to report that our current class of Grade 12 students, while finding some exams challenging, did report that they were prepared and able to do their best. The suspense will continue until July 5th, which is when the results are officially released by the IB organization.

After two years of preparation, our IB students will write as many as 15 exams in three weeks during the month of May. This is in addition to the many internally and externally assessed projects that get submitted to the IB examiners during the final year. Nothing prepares students for the rigour of university better than the depth and breadth of academic material contained in the IB Diploma. I congratulate our IB candidates on their excellent preparation for these set of exams and know that, while they have worked extremely hard now, they have made the way easier for themselves in the future world of university and professional life.
The wonderful thing about striving to be more is that you never know where you might end up. Through our International Baccalaureate Programme, our students are able to pursue post-secondary education almost anywhere in the world. Download our IB Guidebook here.
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