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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 20, 2019 5:05:00 PM

new groupLast week, the Headmaster mentioned in his opening words, that I often say that I have the best gig going. It’s very true and, in fact, most days I don’t see it as a ‘job’ at all; I see it as an adventure that I get to share with a lot of like-minded and creative people. Having said that, I am proud to introduce the most recent jazz quartet to the King’s-Edgehill School music programme, jEBB. This group is co-founded by senior students Che Lim (Bryan) Li (piano), Benjamin Lohr (bass), and Grade 11 student, Ella Brown (trumpet): they’re the EBB of jEBB. They wanted someone to keep a simple beat behind their Miles Davis rendition of Bye Bye Blackbird; thus, they asked me to stand in: I’m the j in jEBB. For the record, the letters didn’t go together well enough to make up a better band name. I was adamant that I should not have lead billing in the band name but so be it, that’s how the letters fell into place; therefore, I insisted that the j has to be small case. Of course, I was delighted to do what I could to support these three terrific musicians. Be it known, that Bryan’sjazz piano style is harmonically rich and mature, with solos that will catch the attention of every jazz aficionado. Ben’s bass lines are rhythmically solid with just a touch of push in all the right places. And few can play the transcribed trumpet solo of Miles Davis like Ella. I just tagged on for the ride (I’m not a ‘real drummer’, you know) and hoped for the best not to screw up. Bryan set up the tune with a sultry piano prelude and then kicked the group in with a contagious swing intro. We enjoyed playing for the audience but, the truth is, we just enjoy playing. I trust you will witness that as you watch this week’s music clip.

If you are a dancer, a singer, a musician, an actor, an artist, or have all of these talents, then King’s-Edgehill School is the place for you.

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