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Triple Provincial Win in University of Waterloo Math Contests!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 8, 2017 1:57:00 PM

The Pascal (Grade 9), Cayley (Grade 10) and Fermat (Grade 11) Waterloo Math Contests were held February 28th, and presentations to our KES Mathletes were made at the April 12nd School assembly. Certificates of Distinction are awarded to those scoring in the upper 25% of all contestants worldwide, and a medal is awarded to the highest scoring student in the school. For each contest, the top three scores in the school are added together to make up the school team score.

This year, KES placed 1st in Nova Scotia for the Grade 9 Pascal Contest, the Grade 10 Cayley Contest, and the Grade 11 Fermat Contest. TRIPLE PROVINCIAL WINS! In addition, Jay Liu earned the top score in all of Nova Scotia for the Cayley Contest and Jacob Liu and Rebecca Yu tied for the top score in all of Nova Scotia for the Fermat Contest!

KES Results for the Grade 9 Pascal Contest: (All received Certificates of Distinction – top 25%) large_news1102077_1028513.jpg

A tie for 1stElla Brown and Chris Peng (also tied for 2nd place in all of NS)
3rdIssac Qiu (5th in NS)
4thDeanna Fraser (10th in NS)
5thJason Wang (19th in NS)

KES Results for the Grade 10 Cayley Contest: (All received Certificates of Distinction – top 25%)

1stJay Liu (also 1st in NS)large_news1102077_1028515.jpg
2ndSophie Fraser (4th in NS)
Tie for 3rdJustin Betance and Jessica Wu (6th in NS)
5thMaggie Baxter (12th in NS)
6th - Rayannah Hwang (13th in NS)
Tie for 7thMia Chen, Phoebe Yuen and Daniel Zhang (14th in NS)
10thSebastian Parsons Hall (19th in NS)

KES Results for the Grade 11 Fermat Contest: (All received Certificates of Distinction – top 25%)

Tie for 1stJacob Liu and Rebecca Yu (also 1st in NS)large_news1102077_1028514.jpg
3rd Vaishnavan Somasekaram (4th in NS)
4thAllen Huang (6th in NS)
5thVanessa Li (7th in NS)
6thOlivia Lin (10th in NS)
7th William Wang (13th in NS)
8thHarper Chen (14th in NS)
9th Denny Du (15th in NS)
Mary Ann Dufour
Head of Mathematics
IB CAS Coordinator

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