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Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Nov 7, 2014, 4:00:00 PM

Dear KES Family,

The CAIS accreditation team has come and gone. What a relief. As pleasant and professional as each member of the inspection crew was, there is no doubt that all the adults on campus were collectively on pins and needles until they left on Wednesday afternoon. It felt like driving on a highway flanked by police. Even when one is driving perfectly one cannot help feel a little anxious and guilty.
Before they left, I was briefed on the high points of their findings. It was a rose and thorn conversation. First came the compliments, then the pain. Fortunately, all the thorns relate to administrative aspects of the School that are limited because of resources (financial and human) and not our school culture, programming or education. The critiques were centred on areas in which we could improve rather than areas in which we were deficient. There were no concerns about our values, philosophy, strategies or intentions. This is reasonable and reassuring. I don’t think there is a school in existence that does not wrestle with revenue and expenses, trying to do as much as possible while keeping tuition fees reasonable.
What was wonderful was hearing the “roses”. They loved the school. From the moment they were toured by Primrose and Cooper and their fellow prefects, the CAIS team was captivated by the special ethos and feeling of our community. This sentiment was reinforced by all their interactions with the Board of Governors, parents, alumni, the faculty and staff, and every student they met. Of all the schools they have visited, they felt that we truly lived our Mission and that everyone embraced our Four Pillars and core values. They had six commendations to make (which is a lot). Although it was not an official commendation, the element of the School that the CAIS Chair was most intrigued with is the culture of gentleness that he saw and felt during his inspection. Gentleness is not a word he has seen in any Mission statement, and not a quality he has felt in any school. But he felt it here, often and everywhere.

This was the sweetest rose of all.
Parents, please note that your child's Report will be ready to view on Sunday morning.  Also, Parent/Teacher meetings will be held on Tuesday afternoon from 3:00 - 6:00 pm after our Cadet Remembrance Day Parades. Everyone is welcome to come watch our School on parade. Please check our website calendar for timings.


Joe Seagram

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