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Volume: 5 Issue: 25

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Mar 13, 2015 3:27:00 PM

Dear KES Family,

The March Break has finally arrived and, as I write this, I figure that about 100 KES students are actually in the air, zooming across the planet on their way home or to a vacation paradise (or both!). Once our School trips to Europe and Peru depart this weekend, we will maintain this lofty presence in the sky. It is remarkable to think that over the next few weeks one could visit just about any place on earth wearing King’s-Edgehill School clothing and sooner or later someone would recognize the School’s name. I hope they would say hello. It is always wonderful meeting people who have connections with the School. We will have students and staff in about thirty different countries this month. If you see one of us, we would love to meet you!
I am very impressed by the student-led Dignity and Respect Society at KES. Created to boost the student body’s demonstrated level of kindness and empathy, overall gentleness, and consistent dignity and respect for each other, this organization is having a very positive impact on our School culture. They have had many brilliant initiatives. This week’s idea is sheer genius. They have created a Twitter account called KES Kompliments (the ‘c’ was already taken). The concept is that every Tweet is a compliment. When we have something nice to say about someone we give them a social media ‘shout out’ in the form of a Tweet. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

To support this, I created a Twitter account this week and sent out my first “tweet”. I sent it out to the Dignity and Respect Society at the School. Everyone loves to receive compliments but not everyone is great at giving them. If this KES Kompliments account can help our School improve our ability to recognize and appreciate the goodness of others, it will absolutely nudge our School culture in a very positive direction.
PS:  Report cards will be available for viewing on Sunday morning.


Joe Seagram

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