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Volume: 5 Issue: 29

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Apr 24, 2015 3:51:00 PM

Dear KES Family,

“…and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” (Post-it note quote stuck to a wall of quotes this week)
We have all heard the music this week. We have engaged in that artistic pas-de-deux that artists have with those who view their paintings, hear their voices, and listen to their music. Emotions evoked or provoked, we have been moved by the gallery of images and sounds presented to us. Our student artists courageously reveal themselves through their work and we, the voyeurs, are trusted to follow their lead, to dance and not to mock.

One of my favorite poems is Yeats’ The Cloths of Heaven in which he writes: “But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” Treading softly is something we must all learn. It is as important as being brave enough to put one’s self out in the public eye, to spread one’s dreams underfoot. When our youngest students took to the stage this week to sing and dance in their theatrical production of The Music Man, they put themselves in the spotlight. Literally. When our art students put their creations on display we are trusted with their interior vision and creative selves. I can only imagine how nervous our IB artists must have been this week, let alone our Junior School thespians. Fortunately, their fears were for naught as everyone tread softly and with sincere appreciation.

The slide show below is essentially a virtual tour of art on display throughout the School this week. The art is to be found on the walls in the academic buildings and on display boards in the dining hall. It is everywhere. I trust it will allow you to dance a little too.


Joe Seagram

PS:  Alumna Emma Taylor (2010) has been nominated for the CIS Female MVP award for university sport. Please support one of our own and take a minute to vote. You can vote once a day and voting closes May 3rd at 11:59 pm ET.  Please click here to vote. 

This week in pictures. 

Week 29

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