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Posted by KES Blogging Team on Dec 1, 2014 2:38:00 PM

Smartboards, iPad programs, state of the art laboratories and multi-media displays are an integral part of tradition_modernmodern education. At King's-Edgehill School, we use the latest in technology and curriculum so our students can succeed at the highest levels when they graduate and go on to university. Our faculty are outstanding at adapting new technologies, new teaching techniques and new breakthroughs in areas of study.

As technology changes over time, we’re empowered to discover new things about the world. But people remain people, needing a balanced, well-rounded understanding of themselves and the societies they live in and will one day lead. We provide this foundation for your child by knowing who we are as a school, and celebrating how we came to be the oldest private school in Canada.

Since our founding in 1788, we’ve built our curriculum by addressing the three basic areas of development that each student needs for a successful life: academic, physical and spiritual. To this day KES still provides chapel services in the Hensley Memorial Chapel that opened in 1877 to honour the history and tradition of spiritual development that provides our students with the strength to wrestle with modern questions. We teach about the Christian faith that has shaped so much of the world, alongside the need to be respectful and understanding of those who believe differently.

Our Cadet Corps provides students the physical development and self-discipline to excel. The rituals and ceremony involved in the Corps remind the students of the deep roots and history of the school. Affiliation with the Black Watch provides students a sense of duty and reverence for service, and for those who have gone before them.

KES academic life includes the Honourable A. Gordon Cooper Library where students can explore more than 15,000 volumes and admire the gothic architecture that connects the campus to 250 years of history, even as they experience the modern multi-media section. Class sizes are kept small to allow students ample opportunity to ask questions, explore answers and develop critical thinking skills. The International Baccalaureate program is offered to give our students a head start on post-secondary work and success as they move on in their education.

Combining a focus on these three foundational areas and the latest in technology and teaching provides KES the traditions worth keeping that will help your child thrive in our modern world.

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